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Partnering to bring top-quality, cutting-edge, researched ingredients to market!

DolCas Biotech, LLC. is a US-based branded ingredients firm specializing in the global positioning and commercialization of clinically-studied ingredients. Our portfolio of science-driven actives supports a wide span of wellness claims including digestive, joint, metabolism, cardiovascular and liver health, as well as promoting improved exercise recovery, enhanced sexual stamina, hormone balance, and healthy skin. DolCas Biotech prides itself on not only being a supplier/marketing partner, but an ally and collaborator in the successful launch, growth and prolonged maturation of formulations fueled by its innovative brands.

DolCas Biotech's sister company, operated out of its same New Jersey, US-based headquarters - Orcas Naturals is a leading distributor of Ayurvedic botanical powders, extracts and oils, among other commonly procured generic ingredients.

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