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DOWANOL™ PMA Glycol Ether Acetate

Chemical Name: 1-Methoxy-2-propyl acetate

CAS Number: 108-65-6

Features: High Performance, High Solvency, Low Viscosity

DOWANOL™ PMA glycol ether has the lowest viscosity of the entire line of DOWANOL™ glycol ethers (1.1 centipoise at 25oC), and it provides superb viscosity reduction. The remaining OH group in the glycol ether molecule is capped with an acetate group, which reduces its polarity and reduces the solvent’s viscosity. The acetate group also eliminates the reactive hydrogen from the OH group found in other glycol ethers; thus, DOWANOL™ PMA glycol ether is an excellent solvent choice for urethanes and other proton-sensitive systems. DOWANOL™ PMA glycol ether is a relatively fast-evaporating glycol ether, and it sets a performance standard in high-solids, solvent-borne systems. It provides excellent active solvency for a very wide range of resin types, including acrylics, epoxies, alkyds, polyesters and many other.