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Brand: MaxiChick

Product Families: Immunomodulators, Birds & Poultry

Chemical Family: Carotenoids

MaxiChick™ is a specific and published patent solution to boost the productivity of the breeder flock. Carotenoids (such as those present in MaxiChick™) are particularly well situated in the yolk to neutralize these oxidative particles and boost the antioxidant capacity of the egg. This enhances the fertility and the survival chances of the embryo. MaxiChick™ also contains vitamin D3 metabolites. These encourage better transfer of calcium from the shell to the embryo, strengthening its skeleton while making the hatching process less traumatic for the chick. The components of MaxiChick™ function also as immunomodulators. These help the chick to deal better with infectious challenges, thus improving its survival rate. This leads to the production of higher numbers of chicks, which are also of better quality. MaxiChick™ helps in More hatching eggs, Improved fertility, Higher hatchability and Halthier chicks.