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Clean Beauty

News travels fast in our digital world and it’s now easier than ever before to access information. But in an era of “post-truth”, “fake news” and “alternative facts”, who and what should we believe? Every year, the Edelman Trust Barometer polls more than 33,000 people across 28 countries. Its 2018 trust and credibility survey found that globally, nearly seven in 10 respondents among the general population have concerns about false information. And what’s more, according to this study, the media is now the least-trusted institution.

Green Chemistry
Today's consumers know their ingredients. Research has found that many facial skincare users look for specific characteristics, and high on the list are natural cosmetic ingredients with green credentials. With more people stating a willingness to change their lifestyles to benefit the planet, consumers are also looking for the peace of mind associated with personal care products that are safe for the environment.
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Natural and Organic

In an age in which we are increasingly concerned about our planet’s health, values such as sustainability, natural origin, safety, and transparency inform and drive people’s choice of beauty products worldwide. And with more and more consumers adopting healthier lifestyles, natural beauty products are becoming an integral part of caring for our appearance, overall wellbeing and the environment.

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Trust and Transparency
As a science-based company, DSM has always been more interested in evidence than opinions. We believe strongly that transparent, factual information is the best basis on which to build trust. Companies and brands can earn consumer trust by communicating beauty ingredients in a “consumer-friendly” way.
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