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DSM helps you respond to quick-changing market trends driven by an on-the-go consumer and influenced by the pace of social media.
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Fast Beauty

The Fast Beauty personal care trend reflects the fast-paced, hyper-connected world of today. Social Media is defining global beauty standards, led by increasingly powerful influencers. “Fast Beauty” brands create “on-trend products” that are produced and launched quickly.

Following this fast pace, we have identified four subtends which are serving the needs of today’s society by reflecting the busy, disruptive balancing act of consumers’ lifestyles.

Alphabet Creams
In today’s fast-paced world, everyone needs to multi-task. And not only people – the products they use need to be versatile too. Cosmetic formulations are now increasingly offering multiple benefits – a skin care approach that originated in Asia and is rapidly becoming popular all over the globe.
Learn your BBs and CCs
In-shower Moisturizers

DSM’s researchers listened to consumers and found that although dry skin is a major concern for most women worldwide, time pressures mean that body moisturization is often neglected. So we developed a multifunctional body care formulation that offers instant skin comfort while locking in moisture for 72 hours – for maximum efficiency combined with maximum enjoyment.

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Scalp Protection
People today are generally aware of the importance of top-to-toe sun protection. However, many forget about the very top – the scalp, which especially in men can be prone to sunburn. Until now no dedicated personal care solutions have been available for scalp protection, and the face and body solutions on the market can leave hair looking limp or greasy. In consequence, young men, in particular – who like to express their individuality through their hairstyle – were reluctant to use them.
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