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VALVANCE® Look 100

INCI Name: Titanium Dioxide

Applications: Beauty & Care, Color Cosmetics, Skin Care

Product Families: Functionals, Sensory Modifiers, Color & Effects

Chemical Family: Silica, Titanium Compounds

End Uses: Around Eye Creams & Gels, Face Creams & Lotions, Hand Cream

The natural blur. VALVANCE™ Look 100 is a sensory modifier providing a natural and subtle whitening effect to cover skin imperfections and unify skin tone. It also shows a soft-focus effect to blur fine lines and wrinkles. It is a composite powder consisting in Silica and Titanium Dioxide. VALVANCE™ Look 100 is suitable for various cosmetic applications such as skin care, sun care, and make-up. For detailed regulatory or quality information, please contact the supplier.