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DSM D-Panthenol

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Supplier:  DSM
INCI Name: Panthenol
Function: Moisturizing Agent
Ingredient Origin: Synthetic
Labeling Claims: Non-GMO, BSE-free, Preservative-free
Certifications & Compliance: EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009 Compliant, REACH (Europe), IECIC (China), Kosher, California Proposition 65, Halal
Benefit Claims: Hair Straightening, Anti-Aging, Healing, Anti-Inflammatory, Moisturizing, Conditioning, Soothing, Smoothing, Skin Protection, Humectancy
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DSM D-Panthenol

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Egest BajramiPlease reach out to me with any questions, I am happy to assist you in finding the right product or learning more about our storefront.
Please reach out to me with any questions, I am happy to assist you in finding the right product or learning more about our storefront.

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Identification & Functionality

DSM D-Panthenol Features & Benefits

Product Highlights
  • Increases stratum corneum hydration by inducing long-lasting skin moisturization
  • Maintains a healthy skin: right balance between the stem cell renewal and the cell differentiation (p63 upregulated)
  • Panthenol forms show very good compatibility with all groups of cosmetics ingredients
  • Panthenol is produced with the highest standards in Dalry, Scotland a world-class DSM-owned facility honored with the CEFIC award for sustainable production processes
  • Reinforces the skin barrier by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
Key Attributes
  • Regenerates healthy skin maintaining cell stemness
  • Improvement symptoms of sensitive skin:
  • dryness, roughness, redness, pruritus
  • Accelerates wound-healing
  • Moisturizes hair, strengthens damaged hair and reduces split ends
  • Reinforces the nails
  • Improves hydration and maintain skin softness and elasticity

Applications & Uses

Mode Of Action
Panthenol is well absorbed into the skin and quickly converted into Pantothenic acid by oxidation. Pantothenic acid is distributed into the cells and is converted to Acetyl Coenzyme-A (Acetyl CoA) in the cells of the epidermis. Human being require Vitamin B5 to synthesize Acetyl CoA which is an essential mediator to many biochemical reactions that sustain life (maintenance and repair of all cells) and which breaks down fats, carbohydrates and proteins for carbon dioxide, water, and energy generation. Furthermore, it synthesis fatty acids and sphingolipids, for stratum corneum lipid layers and cell membrane integrity & fluidity.


Physical Form
Clear,Colorless to slightly Yellow,Viscous Liquid
Slightly Soluble In
Insoluble in
Fats and oils

Regulatory & Compliance