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Ronozyme® HiPhos M is a Granulates for mash feed. The Ronozyme® HiPhos product range is the newest phytase from the Novozymes DSM alliance. Ronozyme® HiPhos is available both in dry and liquid forms. The Ronozyme® HiPhos products are available in three different concentrations.
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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Animal Feed & Nutrition Functions
EU Category

Zootechnical Additive

Functional Group of Additives

Digestibility Enhancer

Active Substance

6-phytase (EC

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Animal Feed & Nutrition Features
Product Highlights

RONOZYME® HiPhos takes feed phytases to the next level. This exceptionally powerful feed phytase greatly increases the amount of plant phosphorus available to the animal.

This is no small improvement. RONOZYME® HiPhos releases twice as much phosphorous. Because far less inorganic phosphorus needs to be added to the diet, the end result is substantial savings on feed costs.

Because far more phytate, an antinutritional factor, is broken down, RONOZYME® HiPhos increases liveweight gain and feed conversion in poultry and swine. And because it reduces both environmental impact and feed costs, our feed phytase also has a big impact on the sustainability of animal farming.


Sodium sulphate, gelatinised flour, calcium carbonate, vegetable oil, cellulose, dextrin and water

Applications & Uses

EU Approval, Minimum Content

Piglets, pigs for fattening, sows and poultry: 500 FYT/kg feed. Recommended maximum dose for the animal categories above: 4000 FYT/kg feed

Forms and stability

We understand feed production, and we know that different processes place different demands on specialty ingredients. Our expert researchers have ensured that RONOZYME® HiPhos is suited to all systems. Whatever your feed processing system, there is a form for you:

RONOZYME® HiPhos M - A concentrated micro-granulated form developed for premix systems, or those where feed is mildly processed. This form is also virtually dust-free.


Physical Form

Regulatory & Compliance

End of Period of EU Authorisation

9 October 2022

EU Code


Technical Details & Test Data

Activity in the Product

50,000 FYT/g

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type

20 kg bags

Storage & Handling

Storage Stability

Retains more than 90 % activity when stored for 12 months at 25 °C

Storage stability in feed

  • In mash feed 92 % of the initial activity was retained when the feed was stored at 25 °C for three months

Heat stability

100 % of the phytase activity was left when the feed was pelleted at 75 °C. Higher pelleting temperatures at 85°C showed 80 % loss of activity.


Should be considered as a skin sensitiser. Respiratory exposure from the solid preparation is considered unlikely