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VevoVitall® is an ultra-pure source of food grade benzoic acid. Fully traceable with low smell, low corrosion and low caking. VevoVitall® is an easy to handled organic acid and the only safe source of benzoic acid. When added to pig diets it acts as a preservative reducing the activity of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. It also moderates the microflora in the gut resulting in more effective digestion and reduced digestive disorders.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits


Feed acidification with VevoVitall®

  • Maximizes feed value, and thus
  • Enables performance optimization

Including VevoVitall® is proven to help producers improve the economical and environmental sustainability of their businesses:

The Challenge

  • Poor growth rate in pigs
  • Poor feed conversion
  • Higher feed costs
  • Low feed intakes
  • High incidence of scours and diarrhoea
  • High number of veterinary treatments
  • High levels of ammonia in pig houses

VevoVitall® effect

  • Improves daily weight gain by 5-15% in piglets
  • Improves FCR in piglets by 2-5%
  • Reduces FCR in growers and fatteners by up to 5%
  • 3-10% increase in piglet feed intakes
  • Up to 90% reduction in diarrhoea
  • Reduced level of medication required
  • Up to 35% reduction in ammonia emissions

DSM VevoVitall Benefits

Product Highlights

Pig producers face many challenges as they strive to produce finished animals cost-effectively while protecting the environment

By including VevoVitall® in diets pig producers can:

  • Improve daily liveweight gain and feed conversion
  • Reduce ammonia production providing a better environment for staff and pigs
  • Reduce the incidence of diarrhoea and medication.


VevoVitall® is a safe source of benzoic acid for livestock use. It is easy to handle, with low odor and low corrosion.

Better Performance

Trials in several countries show a consistent improvement in both daily liveweight gain
and feed conversion efficiency.

Studies also show a clear benefit from including higher levels of VevoVitall® in piglet diets.

Both feed conversion and weight gain improved as the level of VevoVitall® is increased up to 0.75%. Faster growing pigs are more profitable.

Applications & Uses

VevoVitall - Delivers Better Returns

Supplementing diets VevoVitall® leads to healthier, better performing pigs and this means better returns and improved cash flow.

Increased returns

In piglets (to age) €0.25-1.25 per piglet
In growing and finishing pigs €1.0-3.0 per pig

Recommended inclusion rates

Weaned piglets 5kg VevoVitall®/ton
complete feed
Growing, finishing pigs 5kg VevoVitall /ton complete feed
Optimum ammonia control 10kg/ton of complete feed


Technical Details & Test Data

Proven Effects

The benefits of VevoVitall® have been proven in extensive trials and studies.

DSM VevoVitall Proven Effects - 1

DSM VevoVitall Proven Effects - 2

Preservation effects

Benzoic acid is a long-established preservative in the feed industry. It is particularly effective against fungi and yeasts. Better feed preservation can help improve intakes and performance. Benzoic acid helps reduce the numbers of the pathogenic bacteria responsible for digestive disorders. It is particularly effective in reducing the growth and development of E Coli and Salmonella. A lower pathogenic load leads to healthier, faster growing pigs. A series of trials has shown a decrease in feed conversion when VevoVitall® is used up to slaughter.

Reduction in Scours and Medication

Trials show that herds using VevoVitall® enjoy a reduction in digestive disorders and a saving in the medication required. Lower levels of digestive disorders mean healthier, faster growing pigs.

DSM VevoVitall Reduction in Scours and Medication - 1

DSM VevoVitall Reduction in Scours and Medication - 2



Reduced Ammonia Emissions

By reducing the pH of urine, benzoic acid resulted in lower ammonia emissions of up to
35%, leading to a healthier environment. Better air quality means more pleasant working conditions.

DSM VevoVitall Reduced Ammonia Emissions - 1

DSM VevoVitall Reduced Ammonia Emissions - 2


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