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BETAMATE Structural Adhesives


Producer:  DuPont
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BETAMATE® structural adhesives deliver advanced solutions for bonding similar and dissimilar substrates, closures, and body structures, enabling improved load carrying capabilities, vehicle stiffness, durability, design flexibility, and weight reduction.As an example of what BETAMATE® can help you achieve, this is what happens when a mid-size vehicle with 50 meters of BETAMATE® is operated for one year: 10 kg primary mass reduction; 17 kg total weight savings with mass decompounding; 0.62 percent improvement in fuel efficiency; 32.6 kg carbon dioxide reduction BETAMATE® structural adhesives offer high-performance adhesion to automotive substrates such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, and composites. It replaces welds and mechanical fasteners, reducing fatigue and failure commonly encountered with traditional processes, and substantially increasing manufacturing efficiencies.

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Features and Benefits

Advantages of BETAMATE® structural adhesives include:

  • Contributes to lightweight design flexibility and safety

  • Joins multi-material and hard-to-weld substrates including high-strength steel, aluminum, and magnesium

  • Improves durability by reducing fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners

  • Seals against environmental conditions that cause corrosion

  • Provides potential to lower costs by reducing welds and gauge without losing mechanical properties

  • Lab and full-vehicle testing of new crash-resistant structural adhesives show improved performance without weight increase

  • Aluminum chassis/powertrain components

  • Aluminum closures

  • Aluminum or composite roof bonding

  • Bonded seat structures

  • Cast aluminum to profile bonding

  • Cockpits

  • Composite body-in-white parts integration

  • Deck lid flanges

  • Doors

  • Engine compartments

  • Full aluminum vehicle bodies

  • Hoods

  • Load-bearing members

  • Magnesium suspension struts

  • Rails

  • Roof panels

  • Trailer flooring

Case Studies

A Classic Reborn: DuPont Solutions Play Key Role in All-New Electric London Black Taxis
When London’s classic black taxis were transformed into range-extended electric vehicles, DuPont’s structural and glass bonding expertise played a critical role.

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BETAMATE™ Structural Bonding Adhesives
BETAMATE™ one- and two component epoxy structural adhesives provide high performance bonding to steel, aluminum and other materials to enhance stiffness, NVH, crash and durability performance.

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DuPont BETAMATE™ Lightweight Reinforcement (LWR) Highly-toughened Expandable Structural Adhesives
DuPont BETAMATE LWR is a lightweight expandable reinforcing epoxy adhesive that provides improved crash performance and stiffness. Designed for body-in-white structures, chassis and closures, BETAMATE LWR adds structural continuity between sheet metal components separated by gaps of up to 15 mm.

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Structural Bonding of Lightweight Cars
DuPont's epoxy resins and PU structural adhesives provide wide-ranging benefits apart from weight reduction that are relevant to consumers. Safety improvement, noise reduction and other gains will continue to increase their use in future vehicle designs.

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