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DuPont Brand
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Products:  91

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Additives Included
Flame Retardant,Hydrolysis Stabilizer,Impact Modifier,Lubricant (Unspecified),Mold Release Agent
Polymer Name
PBT/ASA Alloy,PBT/SAN Alloy,Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT),Polybutylene Terephthalate Alloy (PBT Alloy),Thermoplastic Polyester
Fillers Included
Glass Bead,Glass Fiber
Product Families
Engineering & Specialty Polymers
Polyesters & Copolyesters,Blends & Alloys
Plastics & Elastomers Functions

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Food Contact Acceptable

Applications & Uses

Agriculture & Feed,Automotive & Transportation,Building & Construction,Consumer Goods,Electrical & Electronics,Food & Nutrition,Healthcare & Pharma,Industrial,Printing & Packaging
Appliances & Electronics,Furniture,Other Consumer Goods Applications,Sports & Recreation
Other Electrical & Electronics Applications
Agricultural Films
Pipes & Hoses
Bonding & Assembly
Other Bonding & Assembly Applications
Building Materials
Interior Fixtures,Pipes & Plumbing,Structural Components
Packaging & Assembly
Other Packaging & Assembly Applications
Parts & Components
Circuit Breakers,Connectors,Housings & Enclosures,Sensors & Actuators,Switches & Relays,Other Parts & Components,Semiconductor Manufacturing
Wire & Cable
Jacketing & Insulation
Processing & Packaging
Other Processing & Packaging Applications
Implants & Prosthetics,Medical Devices & Assemblies,Surgical Instruments & Trays,Tubing & Fluids Handling,Wound Care,Other Medical Applications
Non-Food Consumer Packaging
Devices & Assemblies
Automotive Electronics,Consumer Electronics,Other Devices & Assemblies
Chemical & Industrial Manufacturing
Other Industrial Applications,Equipment & Parts
Exterior & Body,Fuel Systems,Interior,Automotive Lighting,Powertrain & UTH,Seating,Cooling & Climate,Other Automotive Applications,Electrical & Electronic Systems
Plastics & Elastomers End Uses
Appliance Components,Appliances,Automotive Applications,Circuit Breaker,Connectors,Cosmetic Packaging,Drug Delivery Pens,EV Charger,Electrical Components,Electrical Connectors,Electrical Parts,Electrical/Electronic Applications,Fans,Fasteners,Fluid Handling,Front Spoiler,Gears,General Purpose,Housings,Industrial Applications,Lighting Fixtures,Machine/Mechanical Parts,Medical Devices,Medical/Healthcare Applications,Mounting Brackets,Non Specific Food Applications,Pipes,Prosthetics,Pumps,Radar Housing,Radomes,Relay Bases,Semiconductor Applications,Sensor Cover,Shrouds,Side Spoiler,Solar Panels,Sporting Goods,Surgical Instruments,Switches,Tubing,Valves,Wound Dressings
Plastics & Elastomers Processing Methods
Blow Molding,Casting,Coating,Extrusion,Film Extrusion,Injection Molding,Profile Extrusion

Brand Highlights

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Features and Benefits

DuPont™ Crastin® PBT offers stiffness, toughness, excellent electrical insulation properties, and exceptional surface finishes in industrial applications. Advantages of using Crastin® PBT products include:

  • Stiffness
  • High strength
  • Electrical insulation properties
  • Excellent dimensional properties and stability versus moisture
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to process
  • Cosmetics packaging materials
  • Electrical and electronic plastics
  • Electrical encapsulation materials
  • Electrical insulation polymers
  • Food contact materials
  • Innovative furniture design
  • Mechanical gears
  • Medical device materials
  • Photovoltaic panels and parts
  • Plastics For sporting goods
  • Polymers For appliances
Case Studies

An Illuminating Approach to Automotive Lighting

Materials play a critical role in complex vehicle lighting systems, where safety, driving comfort, design and styling converge to illuminate vehicle branding. Empire Electronics is meeting demanding requirements for automotive wire harness components with lamp sockets molded from Zytel® HTN PPA and connectors molded from hydrolysis-resistant Crastin® PBT thermoplastic polyester resin.

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Distinctive headlamp bezels in cost-effective Crastin®

Automotive headlamps - a significant opportunity to add personality to vehicle styling - can now be manufactured more cost-effectively through the "Design-Materials-Processing" solution offered by DuPont. The first tier supplier of exterior automotive lighting - Automotive Lighting of Reutlingen (Germany)- has turned to this solution from DuPont for the development of the headlamp bezels of the new-look Audi A4.

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Hot Runner Manual for Robust Molding of Semi-crystalline Resins
Maximizing productivity is an important factor in determining part cost. One way to improve productivity is using a hot runner system. The decision when to use a hot runner system is mainly influenced by “yield” as hot runners can add complexity and cost to molds and require additional maintenance. Due to continuous improvement in the hot runner design a robust molding process is possible even with traditionally more thermally sensitive thermoplastic resins.

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New Grades of Crastin® for High-Voltage Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Connectors
The newly introduced Crastin® PBT polyester resins from DuPont are fully-color-compounded products that meet automotive OEM safety requirements to clearly indicate high-voltage components in orange for use in hybrid, plug-in, and battery (HV, PEV, BEV) electric vehicles.

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