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BETAPRIME® 5500 is a one-step primer with short open time which can be used without silane wipe pretreatment. It is an adhesion promoting primer for laminated glass with enamel layer inside and enamel substrates. BETAPRIME® 5500 is to be used in combination with DuPont Adhesives PUR-Adhesive/sealants. All DuPont Adhesives products are primarily developed in co-operation with the automobile manufacturers, according to their needs and their specifications, they are approved for the specific applications as defined by the customer. The use of the product other than approved appliction have to be released in written form by the Technical Service of DuPont Adhesives.
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Identification & Functionality


Applications & Uses

Processing Notes


Processing Instructions

Primer bottle needs to be shaken for at least one minute before opening, to release the steel balls within the container. In case steel balls are not dislodged, then it is recommended to strike the top of the container against a hard surface so that the steel balls are audible within the container. This is essential in order to disperse any possible sediment within the primer


One time reactivation possible with: BETAWIPE® VP04604 (wipe-on / wipe off) maximum open time 15 minutes


The product is extremely sensitive to humidity. It is imperative that container should be closed immediatly after use, in order to extend durability of the remaining primer contents

Shelf Life After Opening

Depending on ambient conditions and working method: Use following test method to monitor if primer can be furter used for one day or if it is non- conformous and has to be dispode of. Daily measurement of viscosity DIN 4 cup: must not exceed 17 seconds

Processing Equipment

Primer applicator, primer application device (flask with primer applicator head and felt) or automatic primer application system

Bonding Surface Preparation

All bonding surfaces must be free of impurities (dirt, dust, water, oil, grease, release agent and similar contaminants). Verify compatibility before use, or consult our Technical Service for more information


Clean equipment with BETACLEAN® 3000

Safety Instruction

The use of bonding agent (primer) is generally harmless and as long as the basic rules for safe handling of chemicals are applied. However, the direct contact of uncured primer to food and food containers shall be avoided. Mandatory are protective measures in order to prevent direct skin contact as well as to avoid solvent inhalation. Proper ventilation should apply when using primers with high volatile content. If any primer is applied in the means of spraying technique, special care should apply in relation to respiration and personal protection in order to prevent aerosol inhalation. Suitable solvent resistant rubber gloves, conventional eye protection as well as appropriate type of respirator mask are essential. In case of direct contact with any primers the skin must be rinsed first with warm water and then cleaned thoroughly with conventional soap. Solvents shall be avoide


Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Viscosity - DIN - cup (4mm after 3 days, 40°C)10.5 - 13s-
Other Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density900 - 1000kg/m³ISO 1183
Adhesive Processing Information
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Processing Temperature10 - 40°C-
Open Time0.05 - 72h-
Carbon Black

Packaging & Availability


Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
6 months

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Technical Data Sheet
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