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Multiflex® TES A7512 EV0 FXT Thermoplastic Elastomer

Sold by DuPont
Polymer Name: Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomer
Processing Methods: Injection Molding
Tear Strength: 36.0 kN/m
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Identification & Functionality

Multiflex® TES A7512 EV0 FXT Thermoplastic Elastomer Features & Benefits

Product Highlights
  • Aesthetics
  • Very high flow
  • UV stabilized
  • Black
  • Compatibility: PP

Applications & Uses

Processing Notes

Multiflex® brand series Automotive EV Range is designed for injected application: easy mold feeding, for single or multiple cavities geometries are possible due to high fluidity. Compatibility with polyolefin enables bi-injected, overmolded (continuous process or cold insert) parts molding.

Please find below some indications to follow to transform the product. This does not replace molder experience, every mold having its own specificity, but this document is useful for initial parameter choice.


Multiflex® Automotive EV Range can be injected between their melting temperatures 170°C to 230 - 240°C. In this temperature range, materials are stable, above, thermal degradation occurs, resulting in yellowing and significant odor emanation.

On a general point of view, viscosity of SEBS based material is principally dependent of applied shear, so Multiflex® Automotive EV Range must be injected with high injection speed.

Multiflex® Automotive EV Range has been designed to enlarge process window, and can be injected at medium speed.


As Multiflex® Automotive EV Range is not humidity sensitive, pre-drying is not needed. In case of "incident", predrying is not necessary.

Machinery cleaning

High flow thermoplastic must be used, PEHD, PELD or PP.


Multiflex® Automotive EV Range is easily colorable by using color masterbatch based on PP, PE or ethylene copolymers (EVA).

Processing parameters

Screw: Standard injection machine, L/D > 20, Compression rate 2:1 to 3:1 (if higher, risk of thermal degradation) Screw speed between 100 to 150 rpm ensures thorough melting of the material without excessive temperature generation. Start with 120 rpm.

Back pressure

Must be between 7 and 15 bars: This will ensure a uniform melt without severe shear heating.

Temperatures (°C)

See Figure 1.

Feed Zone: 150 +/- 10

Zone 1: 170 +/- 10

Zone 2: 190 +/- 10

Nozzle: 200 +/- 10

Figure 1: Injection molding processing temperatures

DuPont Multiflex TES A7512 EV0 FXT Thermoplastic Elastomer Processing Notes

Injection speed

Injection speed and fill time are highly dependent on part geometry, complexity and gate design. Faster speeds typically result in easier mold filling while lower speeds result in better surface in better surface appearance. High injection speed, around 70% of maximum injection speed should be used initially.

Holding pressure

Start with a pressure equivalent to 30% of maximum injection pressure. Excessive holding pressure can result in distortion in the area of the gate due to elastomeric characteristics of the material.

Holding time

Three seconds can be used to start to ensure sufficient time for gate freeze off. Holding time can be slowly reduced until changes in part appearance or weight occur.


Use conventional mold design (venting, finish, draft) with temperatures from 10 to 60°C. In the range of 25 - 30°C typically gives good results.

Hot Runners

Apply a temperature of 190°C +/- 10.


Multiflex® Automotive EV Range is 100% recyclable without properties loss. We recommend a maximum level of 10% of recycling material in virgin material.


Compatible Polymers
Mechanical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Tensile Strength at 100% Elongation - Cross Direction (v = 500mm/min)2.6MPaISO 37 Type 1
Hardness75Shore AASTM D2240
Tensile Strength at Break - Cross Direction (v = 500mm/min)8.6MPaISO 37 Type 1
Elongation at Break - Cross Direction (v = 500mm/min)745%ISO 37 Type 1
Tear Strength - Cross Direction36kN/mISO 34
Compression Set (24H/23°C, Without Annealing)32%MDA 129
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Spiral Flow- Condition A45cmMDA 179
Spiral Flow- Condition D0.98cmMDA 179
Densitymin. 85g/cm³ISO 1183/A
Processing Information (Injection Molding)
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Feed Zone Temperature150 +/- 10°C-
Front Zone Temperature190 +/- 10°C-
Transition Temperature170 +/- 10°C-
Nozzle Temperature200 +/- 10°C-
Mold Temperature40 +/- 20°C-
Back Pressure10 +/- 5Bar-
Injection Speedmax. 70 +/- 10%--
Injection Speedmax. 70 +/- 10%-
Holding Pressure30 +/- 10% of Max Injection Pressure--
Holding Pressure (max injection pressure)30 +/- 10%-
Hot Runner180 +/- 10°C-
Melt Temperature200 +/- 10°C-

Technical Details & Test Data

Use Limitations

This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses.

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability

Packaging Information

This product is available in a variety of container sizes.

Storage & Handling

Storage and Handling

Containers should be kept tightly closed and kept in cold storage at all times to extend shelf life. Shelf life is indicated by the "Use Before" date found on the product label.

Multiflex® TES A7512 EV0 FXT Thermoplastic Elastomer