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PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels Series offers a wide range of sensory and performance-enhancing ingredients designed for skin, hair, sun care and color cosmetics applications. The elastomer gels are crosslinked silicone polymer swollen in a variety of carrier fluids. They are clear to translucent gels or pastes depending on the degree of compatibility of the silicone elastomers and the carrier fluids. The elastomer blends are of delicate textures, easy to spread under light shear. They render a range of silky, soft, powdery skin feel, a matte finish with wrinkle masking effect, and other formulation and efficacy enhancing benefits.
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  • INCI Name:Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, C13-15 Alkane
  • Functions:Smoothing Agent, Thickener
  • Ingredient Origin:Natural Origin
  • Labeling Claims:Clean at Sephora, Naturally Derived, Natural, Sustainable
  • Certifications & Compliance:ISO 16128
  • Benefit Claims:Water Repellency, Low Volatility, Moist Feel, Good Rheological Properties, Silky Feel, Moisturizing, Non-Tacky, SPF Enhancement, Smooth Feel, Optically Wrinkle Masking, Volatile, Enhanced Slip, Compatibility, Film Forming, Powdery Feel, Dry Feel, Cold Processable, Mattifying Effect, Optical Blurring, Cushioning Effect, Spreadability, Luxurious Skin-Feel, Sensory Enhancement, Non-Greasy Feel, Superior Skin Feel, Smoothing, Soft Feel
PURESIL™ ORG01 is a dispersion of silicone crosspolymer in a non-volatile alkane. It can be used to deliver a wide range of benefits in cosmetic, skin care, hair care and sun care formulations. Benefits Dry smoothness Silky, lubricious skin feel Boosts SPF of sunscreens Features Alkane is 100% naturally sourced, derived and manufactured according to ISO 16128 >80% naturally derived non-volatile carrier Disperses physical sunscreens effectively and uniformly Compatibility with organic ingredients Enables matte look Reduces tackiness Applications Cosmetics - Concealers, foundations, make-up bases, cream blushes, cream eyeshadows, matte lip glaze, and lipsticks Skin care - Skin serums, moisturizers and anti-aging products Sun care - Sun creams and lotions and suntan lotions Hair care - Leave-in conditioners, sprays and styling products

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