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MIRASIL™ PEG 12 DM is a water soluble polyether modified polysiloxane used as emollient for personal care. In addition this product may be used as foam booster, emulsifier, plasticizing agent and wetting agent for personal care products.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits

Key Benefits
  • Improves foam of bath products.
  • Enhances silky skin feel.
  • Light conditioning effect improving wet&dry combing.
  • Emulsifier for fragrances and essential oils or pigments.
  • Second surfactant for sensitive product.
  • Provides surface tension reduction.
  • Provides lubricity to hair and skin.

Applications & Uses


Suitable for a wide range of applications in personal care products including :

  • Bath and shower products.
  • Hair treatments and hair styling products.
  • Shampoos and rinse-off conditioners.
  • Skin care products – facial and body care products, make-up removers.
  • Color cosmetics – foundations, BB creams.
  • Shaving foams and gels


Ingredient Origin
Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Flash Pointmin. 100°CClosed Cup
D4 contentmax. 0.1%-
Cloud Point (4% in distilled water)approx. 90°C-
Dry contentmin. 97%-
HLB (calculated)approx. 14--
Refractive Index (at 25°C)approx. 1.457--
Specific Gravity (at 25°C)approx. 1.08g/cm3-
Viscosity (at 25°C)200 - 800mPa.s-
Colorless to Yellow
Clear liquid
Solubility of MIRASIL™ PEG 12 DM with Various Cosmetic Ingredients
Type of Material 1/10* 1/1
Water S S
Hydrocarbons 1/10* 1/1
Mineral oil I I
Isododecane I I
Alcohols & Glycols 1/10* 1/1
Ethanol S S
Glycerol I I
Propylene glycol S S
Isopropyl Alcohol S S
Oils 1/10* 1/1
Jojoba oil I I
Almond oil I I
Castor oil I I
Lanolin oil I I
Waxes 1/10* 1/1
Carnauba wax I I
Beeswax S I
Paraffin wax I I
Fatty Alcohols/Acids 1/10* 1/1
Stearyl alcohol I I
Stearic acid S I
Esters 1/10* 1/1
Isopropyl myristate I I
Isopropyl palmitate I I
Caprylic triglycerides I I
Silicones 1/10* 1/1
MIRASIL CM5 (Cyclopentasiloxane) I I
MIRASIL DM 350 (Dimethicone high viscosity) I I
MIRASIL DMCO (PEG/PPG 22/24 Dimethicone) I I
MIRASIL ADMH 395 (Propoxytetramethylpiperidinyl dimethicone) I I
MIRASIL C-DMP (Cyclopentasiloxane(and)PEG/PPG 18/18 I I

* = 10% of MIRASIL PEG 12 DM and 90% of tested material
S = Soluble I = Completely or partially insoluble

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Regional Availability
Packaging Information

MIRASIL PEG 12 DM is available in

  • Drum of 120 KG (264.6 LB)

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
18 months
Storage & Shelf Life

When stored in its original packaging:

MIRASIL™ PEG 12 DM may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 40°C / 104°F for up to 18 months from its date of manufacturing.

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