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Established in 2023, but with a combined heritage of over 100 years, Envalior is entering the market as a leading Global Engineering Materials powerhouse offering novel and Innovative solutions to today’s world

Envalior brings together two highly complementary established players in DSM Engineering Materials and LANXESS High Performance Materials

We offer a uniquely positioned portfolio of longstanding material, application, and design expertise, creating real and meaningful value for our customers and the greater society

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Akulon® HR-HG6 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Akulon® HR-HG6
Envalior Plastics Quality Statement
Products: Akulon® F223-D, Xytron™ G4010T, Akulon® CO-KGV4/A JN.00.86, Akulon® Diablo HDT2500, Akulon® Diablo HDT2504BM (K-X08203), Akulon® Diablo HT-HG0, Akulon® Diablo HT-HG6, Akulon® F127, Akulon® F128, Akulon® F130, Akulon® F130-C1, Akulon® F130-C2, Akulon® F130-C3, Akulon® F130-E5, Akulon® F130-E6 (F-X9307), Akulon® F132, Akulon® F132-C1, Akulon® F132-E1, Akulon® F132-E1 CRC-MB, Akulon® F132-E2, Akulon® F136, Akulon® F136-C, Akulon® F136-C CRC-MB, Akulon® F136-C1, Akulon® F136-DH, Akulon® F136-E1, Akulon® F136-E2, Akulon® F150-CZ, Akulon® F160-Z, Akulon® F230-C, Akulon® F232-D, Akulon® F236-C, Akulon® Fuel Lock FL40-HPX1 NA99001, Akulon® Fuel Lock FL40-HPX2, Akulon® Fuel Lock FLE40-HP, Akulon® Fuel Lock FLE-LP BK29011, Akulon® Fuel Lock FLE-LP NA99001, Akulon® Fuel Lock FL-LP, Akulon® F-X9171, Akulon® F-X9182, Akulon® F-X9190, Akulon® GA-XLG0, Akulon® GA-XLG6, Akulon® HR-HG6, Akulon® HR-HG7, Akulon® K122, Akulon® K122/F, Akulon® K125/B, Akulon® K222-D, Akulon® K222-KGMV14, Akulon® K222-KGV4, Akulon® K222-KGV4/A, Akulon® K222-KGV5, Akulon® K222-KGV6, Akulon® K222-KMV5, Akulon® K222-KMV5/A, Akulon® K223-HGM24, Akulon® K223-HM6, Akulon® K223-KMV6, Akulon® K223-KTP4, Akulon® K223-P2, Akulon® K223-TP4, Akulon® K224-G0, Akulon® K224-G3, Akulon® K224-G4, Akulon® K224-G6, Akulon® K224-G6-FC 99.99.99, Akulon® K224-G6-FC BK00001, Akulon® K224-G6-FC NA99001, Akulon® K224-G6U, Akulon® K224-G7, Akulon® K224-G8, Akulon® K224-HG0, Akulon® K224-HG2, Akulon® K224-HG5, Akulon® K224-HG6, Akulon® K224-HG6U, Akulon® K224-HG7, Akulon® K224-HGM24, Akulon® K224-HGM35, Akulon® K224-HGR24, Akulon® K224-KGM35, Akulon® K224-LG3, Akulon® K224-LG6 /E, Akulon® K224-LG6U, Akulon® K224-LG7/E, Akulon® K224-LGM35, Akulon® K224-LPG6U, Akulon® K224-PG2, Akulon® K224-PG3, Akulon® K224-PG6, Akulon® K224-PG8, Akulon® K224-PGC62, Akulon® K224-TG9, Akulon® K225-KS, Akulon® K225-KV, Akulon® K227-XHG6, Akulon® K240-HP, Akulon® K240-HPG3, Akulon® K240-HPG3/A, Akulon® M-1016, Akulon® N22D-H, Akulon® N24-G3, Akulon® N24-G6, Akulon® N24-G7, Akulon® N24-G8, Akulon® RePurposed RE BK00003, Akulon® RePurposed RE15 BK00003, Akulon® RePurposed RE30 BK00003, Akulon® S223-DH, Akulon® S223-E, Akulon® S223-G6, Akulon® S223-G6-FC BK00001, Akulon® S223-G6-FC NA99001, Akulon® S223-G7, Akulon® S223-HG0, Akulon® S223-HG3, Akulon® S223-HG6, Akulon® S223-HG7, Akulon® S223-HPG5, Akulon® S223-KG6, Akulon® S227-C, Akulon® S240-C, Akulon® S240-CH, Akulon® SafeConnect SC22, Akulon® SG-KGS5/HV, Akulon® SG-KGS6, Akulon® SG-KGS6/HV, Akulon® Ultraflow K220-HGM44, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FG0, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FG12, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FG5, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FG6, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHG0, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHG12, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHG6, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHG6/B, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHG7 /A, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHG8, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHGM24, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHGM35, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHGR24, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKG3, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKG6, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKG6U GY9996, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKG8, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKGS6/B, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKMV5, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKMV5 /C, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FPG8, Akulon® Ultraflow SG-FHGS3, Akulon® Ultraflow XG-FKGS6, Akulon® XS32 (F-X08057), Akulon® XS32-C1 (FC-X9207), Akulon® XS32-E2 (FC-X9200), Akulon® XS36-C1 (FC-X9224), Akulon® XS36-E2 (FC-X9201), Arnite® A02 307, Arnite® A04 900, Arnite® A06 101, Arnite® A06 700, Arnite® A08 100, Arnite® AV2 340, Arnite® AV2 360 S, Arnite® AV2 365 SN, Arnite® AV2 370 /B, Arnite® AV2 370 HF, Arnite® AV2 370 XL, Arnite® AV2 370 XL-T, Arnite® AV2 370 XT, Arnite® AV2 372, Arnite® AV2 390, Arnite® AV2 390 XL, Arnite® AV2 390 XT, Arnite® B434 SE, Arnite® B436 SE, Arnite® B600SE, Arnite® B604T, Arnite® BM4 240, Arnite® Care T1U, Arnite® T04 200, Arnite® T06 200, Arnite® T06 200 (extrusion), Arnite® T06 200 /D, Arnite® T06 200 SNF, Arnite® T06 202, Arnite® T06 202 /A, Arnite® T08 200, Arnite® T08 200 (extrusion), Arnite® TM4 440, Arnite® TV4 220, Arnite® TV4 230, Arnite® TV4 230 S, Arnite® TV4 230 SF, Arnite® TV4 240, Arnite® TV4 240 S, Arnite® TV4 240-FC NA99001, Arnite® TV4 241 SL, Arnite® TV4 241 SN, Arnite® TV4 260 S, Arnite® TV4 260 SN, Arnite® TV4 260 SXF, Arnite® TV4 261, Arnite® TV4 261 /A, Arnite® TV4 261 /G 99.99.99, Arnite® TV4 261 /G UN.02.09, Arnite® TV4 261 HR-HS, Arnite® TV4 261 KL, Arnite® TV4 261 SF, Arnite® TV4 264 SN, Arnite® TV4 270, Arnite® TV4 461 KL, Arnite® TV4 491, Arnite® TV4 660 SN, Arnite® TV6 241 SN, Arnite® TV8 260, Arnite® TZ6 280 (BK22003), Arnite® TZ6 280-T5.03.10, Arnitel® Care L140E, Arnitel® Care L225E, Arnitel® Care L345A, Arnitel® CM550-S, Arnitel® CM551, Arnitel® CM600-V, Arnitel® CM620-S, Arnitel® CM622, Arnitel® CMB E1-BK, Arnitel® EB463, Arnitel® EB464, Arnitel® EB501, Arnitel® ECO L460, Arnitel® ECO L700, Arnitel® ECO M700, Arnitel® EE8479, Arnitel® EL150, Arnitel® EL150/U, Arnitel® EL250, Arnitel® EL250/U, Arnitel® EL250-08, Arnitel® EL430, Arnitel® EL550, Arnitel® EL550-08, Arnitel® EL630, Arnitel® EL630-08, Arnitel® EL740, Arnitel® EL740-08, Arnitel® EM400, Arnitel® EM400/U, Arnitel® EM400-08, Arnitel® EM400-B, Arnitel® EM460, Arnitel® EM460 LG4, Arnitel® EM460/U, Arnitel® EM460-08, Arnitel® EM550, Arnitel® EM550-H, Arnitel® EM630, Arnitel® EM630-H, Arnitel® EM631, Arnitel® EM631-HB, Arnitel® EM740, Arnitel® EM740-H, Arnitel® FM8226, Arnitel® HM7118, Arnitel® HT7719, Arnitel® HT8027, Arnitel® PB420, Arnitel® PB420-B, Arnitel® PB500-H, Arnitel® PB582-H, Arnitel® PL380, Arnitel® PL381, Arnitel® PL381-H, Arnitel® PL420-H, Arnitel® PL461, Arnitel® PL581, Arnitel® PL650, Arnitel® PM381, Arnitel® PM460, Arnitel® PM460-H, Arnitel® PM471, Arnitel® UM551, Arnitel® UM551-V, Arnitel® UM552, Arnitel® VT3104, Arnitel® VT3108, Arnitel® VT3118, Arnitel® VT7812, Arnitel® XG01IM, Arnitel® XG01IS, Arnitel® XG01JK, EcoPaXX® Q150-D, EcoPaXX® Q170E, EcoPaXX® Q170E B-MB, EcoPaXX® Q170E-H, EcoPaXX® Q170E-H B-MB, EcoPaXX® Q210E-H, EcoPaXX® Q-DWX10, EcoPaXX® Q-DWX6, EcoPaXX® Q-E7300, EcoPaXX® Q-FP4, EcoPaXX® Q-HG10, EcoPaXX® Q-HG6, EcoPaXX® Q-HGM24, EcoPaXX® Q-HXG6, EcoPaXX® Q-HXGM24, EcoPaXX® Q-KG3-FC (Q-X08736), EcoPaXX® Q-KG5, EcoPaXX® Q-KG6, EcoPaXX® Q-KG6-FC, EcoPaXX® Q-KGS6, EcoPaXX® Q-KS, EcoPaXX® Q-KV, EcoPaXX® Q-KXG10, EcoPaXX® Q-KXG6, EcoPaXX® Q-Y, ForTii® Ace JTX8, ForTii® Ace MX51, ForTii® Ace MX52, ForTii® Ace MX53, ForTii® Ace MX53B, ForTii® Ace MX54B, ForTii® Ace WX53-FC, ForTii® Care P1G6, ForTii® Eco E11, ForTii® Eco LDS62B, ForTii® F11, ForTii® F12, ForTii® F81, ForTii® JTX2, ForTii® K11, ForTii® K12, ForTii® LDS51B, ForTii® LDS85B, ForTii® MX15HR, ForTii® MX2, ForTii® MX3, ForTii® NMX33, ForTii® T11, ForTii® TX1, ForTii® WX11-FC, ForTii® XS81B, Stanyl® 46HF4130, Stanyl® 46HF4530, Stanyl® 46HF4540, Stanyl® 46HF4550, Stanyl® 46HF5040, Stanyl® 46HF5050, Stanyl® 46HF5145, Stanyl® 46SF5030, Stanyl® CR310, Stanyl® Diablo HDT2700 BK00001, Stanyl® Diablo OCD2100 BK27021, Stanyl® Diablo OCD2300 BK27021, Stanyl® ECO280F10, Stanyl® HFX31S, Stanyl® HFX33S, Stanyl® HFX61S, Stanyl® HFX82S, Stanyl® HGR2 BK00001, Stanyl® HGR3-W (P1120D), Stanyl® TC154, Stanyl® TC155, Stanyl® TC170, Stanyl® TC502, Stanyl® TE200F6, Stanyl® TE200F6-FC, Stanyl® TE200F8, Stanyl® TE200S6, Stanyl® TE250F6, Stanyl® TE250F8, Stanyl® TE250F9, Stanyl® TE251F7, Stanyl® TE341, Stanyl® TE351, Stanyl® TE373, Stanyl® TS200B3, Stanyl® TS200F10, Stanyl® TS200F6, Stanyl® TS200F6 B-MB, Stanyl® TS200F8, Stanyl® TS250F4D, Stanyl® TS250F6D, Stanyl® TS271A1, Stanyl® TS271P4, Stanyl® TS272A1, Stanyl® TS300, Stanyl® TS341, Stanyl® TS350, Stanyl® TW200B6, Stanyl® TW200F3, Stanyl® TW200F6, Stanyl® TW200F8, Stanyl® TW213F2, Stanyl® TW241B3, Stanyl® TW241F10, Stanyl® TW241F12, Stanyl® TW241F3, Stanyl® TW241F5, Stanyl® TW241F6, Stanyl® TW241F8, Stanyl® TW242FM10, Stanyl® TW271B3, Stanyl® TW271B6, Stanyl® TW271F6, Stanyl® TW271F8, Stanyl® TW272B6, Stanyl® TW275F6, Stanyl® TW278F10, Stanyl® TW341, Stanyl® TW341-B, Stanyl® TW341-FC, Stanyl® TW341-N, Stanyl® TW363, Stanyl® TW371, Stanyl® TW441, Stanyl® TW441-FC, Akulon® K20HG60, EcoPaXX® Q20HG60, Xytron™ G3010E, Xytron™ G3020DW-FC, Xytron™ G3080R, Xytron™ G4010E, Xytron™ G4010W, Xytron™ G4012T, Xytron™ G4020DW-FC, Xytron™ G4024T, Xytron™ G4080HR, Xytron™ M5710T, Xytron™ M6510A, Xytron™ TC6022I, Xytron™ U3020E, Arnitel® Care L155E, Akulon® K224-HG3, Akulon® K224-G8U, Akulon® F-X9222, Akulon® F136-C B-MB, Arnitel® ECO L400, Arnitel® ECO L550, Arnitel® EL700, Arnitel® FM8686, Arnitel® FM8782, Arnitel® VT3108 B-MB, EcoPaXX® Q210E-HU, Arnitel® PM581, EcoPaXX® Q-HG6 B-MB, Stanyl® TE210F2, Akulon® Care K1G6, Akulon® Care K1U, Arnite® Care A1U, Arnitel® EL250 B-MB, Arnitel® EM400 B-MB, ForTii® WX12-FC, Stanyl® KS411 B-MB, Akulon® IG-HG7, Akulon® CO-KGV5, Akulon® XS236-C, Stanyl® HFX63S, Stanyl® TC168 (WT94102), Stanyl® TW261F5, Xytron™ G4024T/A, Xytron™ G4080HRE, Akulon® F223-D B-MB, Akulon® F223-D CRC-MB, Akulon® Fuel Lock FLX-LP (K-X08836), Akulon® Fuel Lock FLX40-HP (K-X09022), Stanyl® HFX31S B-MB, Stanyl® TW341 B-MB, Akulon® K224-G6 B-MB, Akulon® K224-HG7 CRC-MB, Akulon® K224-PG6 B-MB, Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHXGM35 BK26011, Akulon® Ultraflow XG-FKGS6/A, Arnitel® EL591, Stanyl® SN-PURE (Succinonitrile), Stanyl® TW272F6, Arnite® LT TV4 261, Novamid® 1010N2 1ES, Akulon® K224-HPG7, Akulon® N24-GM42, Akulon® N24-LPG6, Arnitel® L-X08346, EcoPaXX® Q-DWX12, Novamid® 1040H2, Novamid® 3010CF30 BK, Novamid® Care N3U, Novamid® X21-F07, Nylatron GS-S, Xytron™ G3020T, Xytron™ G4020T, Xytron™ U1535E
Arnite® Care A1U Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Arnite® Care A1U
Arnite® A06 101 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Arnite® A06 101
Arnite® T06 202 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Arnite® T06 202
Arnite® TV4 230 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Arnite® TV4 230
Stanyl® TE250F6 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Stanyl® TE250F6
Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKG8 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Akulon® Ultraflow K-FKG8
Arnite® TV4 261 HR-HS Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Arnite® TV4 261 HR-HS
Akulon® K222-KGV4/A Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Akulon® K222-KGV4/A
Arnite® TV4 241 SN Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Arnite® TV4 241 SN
Arnite® TV4 260 S Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Arnite® TV4 260 S