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Evernox® 1135

Sold by Everspring
Function: Antioxidant, Primary Antioxidant
Chemical Family: Phenols & Phenolics
Features: Scorch Resistant
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Technical Data Sheet
Evernox® 1135 Technical Data Sheet
Evernox® 1135 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Evernox® 1135 Features & Benefits

Materials Features

Applications & Uses


For the stabilization of polyurethane flexible slabstock foams, EVERNOX-1135 prevents the formation of peroxides in the polyol during storage, transport, and further protects against scorching during foaming.


Physical Form
Colorless To Slightly Yellow Liquid
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Melting Rangemax. -6°C-
Boiling Pointmin. 200°C-
Flash Point (Closed Cup)152.0°C-
Water Solubility at 20°Cmax. 0.01% w/w-
Acetone Solubility at 20°Cmin. 50% w/w-
Benzene Solubility at 20°Cmin. 50% w/w-
Chloroform Solubility at 20°Cmin. 50% w/w-
Solubility at 20°C(1,1-dichloromethane)min. 50% w/w-
ethyl acetate Solubility at 20°Cmin. 50% w/w-
Methanol Solubility at 20°Cmin. 50% w/w-
Weight loss (TGA, in air at 20°C/min Temp.(°C) at 1 % weight loss)160.0°C-
Weight loss (TGA, in air at 20°C/min Temp.(°C) at 10 % weight loss)200.0°C-
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molecular Weight390.0g/mol-
Gardner colormax. 2.0--
Transmittance at 425 nmmin. 97.0%-
Transmittance at 500 nmmin. 98.0%-
Assay min. 98.0%-
Specific Gravity at 25°C0.940-1.000g/cm3-
Vapor Pressure at 25°C0.0015Pa-
Viscosity at 25°C300-500cst-
Viscosity at 40°C95-150cst-

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type

Regional Availability


The following packages are available upon customer’s request:

(1) 190-kg iron drum.

(2) Other specific request.

Storage & Handling

Handling & Safety

EVERNOX-1135 should be handled with care and prevent contamination of the environment.

Transportation & Storage

EVERNOX-1135 is not a dangerous material according to the transportation regulations.  No special safety measures are required. Usual precautions for handling chemicals are observed.

Evernox® 1135