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VESTAMID® LX9001 BK 9.7504 banner
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VESTAMID® LX9001 BK 9.7504
  • Polymer Name:Polyamide 12 (PA 12)
  • Processing Methods:Extrusion, Injection Molding, Extrusion Coating, Coating
  • Additives Included:Heat Stabilizer, Light Stabilizer, Bonding Agent
  • Flexural Modulus:1701.83 - 1701.83 MPa
  • Materials Features:Oil Resistant, High Viscosity, Heat Stabilized, Good Light Stability, Good Weather Stability, Electrically Insulating, Low Water Absorption, Fuel Resistant, Good Thermal Stability, Good Impact Strength, Light Stabilized, Very Good Heat Resistance, Good Adhesion, Chemical Resistant, Good Abrasion Resistance, Dimensional Stability, UV Resistant, Excellent Light Stability, Corrosion Resistant
  • Color:Black
VESTAMID® LX9001 BK 9.7504 is a heat-stabilized and light-resistant PA 12 compound specifically developed for the extrusion coating of steel tubes. This compound enhances the corrosion resistance of steel tubes through its exceptional impact strength, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance. The excellent adhesion between the steel and the properly applied VESTAMID® LX9001 BK 9.7504 further contributes to this increased corrosion resistance. Additionally, VESTAMID® LX9001 BK 9.7504 offers the advantages of low water absorption, good dimensional stability, and consistent properties even in changing ambient humidity. Supplied as cylindrical pellets in moisture-proof packaging, they are ready for seamless processing. Experience the exceptional qualities of VESTAMID® LX9001 BK 9.7504 and enhance the performance and durability of steel tubes with its reliable coating solution.
VESTAMID® L2124 BK 9.7507 banner
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VESTAMID® L2124 BK 9.7507
  • Polymer Name:Polyamide 12 (PA 12)
  • Processing Methods:Extrusion, Injection Molding, Pipe Extrusion, Tubing Extrusion, Profile Extrusion
  • Additives Included:UV Stabilizer, Processing Aid, Heat Stabilizer, Plasticizer (Unspecified), Light Stabilizer, Lubricant (Unspecified)
  • Flexural Modulus:399.62 - 399.62 MPa
  • Materials Features:Low Coefficient of Friction, Flexible, Oil Resistant, Lubricated, High Viscosity, Unreinforced, Heat Stabilized, UV Stabilized, Good Light Stability, Good Weather Stability, Electrically Insulating, Fuel Resistant, Good Thermal Stability, Good Impact Strength, Light Stabilized, Very Good Heat Resistance, High Melt Viscosity, Chemical Resistant, Dimensional Stability, Semi Crystalline, Plasticized, UV Resistant, Low Moisture Absorption
  • Color:Black
VESTAMID® L2124 BK 9.7507 is a plasticized polyamide 12 compound specially formulated for the extrusion of flexible tubing and hoses in oil and petrochemical applications. This heat- and light-stabilized compound complies with DIN 73-378, Type: PA 12-PHL, for tubing. Its low moisture absorption ensures minimal variation in properties with changing humidity. Manufactured with exceptional impact strength, a low coefficient of friction, and good chemical resistance, parts made from VESTAMID® L2124 BK 9.7507 exhibit outstanding performance. With its high melt viscosity and precise dimensional control during pipe extrusion, this semi-crystalline material provides reliability and ease of processing. Supplied as cylindrical granules in moisture-proof bags, VESTAMID® L2124 BK 9.7507 is ready for seamless integration into your production process.
VESTAMID® MLT 7440 banner
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  • Polymer Name:PA 12/ EVOH/ EFEP (Polyamide 12/ Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer / Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene Copolymer)
  • Physical Form:Granules, Pellets, Tube, Solid
  • Features:Chemical Resistant, Good Thermal Stability, Fuel Resistant, Electrically Conductive, Low Extractables, Anti-Static, Good Barrier Properties, Oil Resistant, Conductive
  • Color:Black
  • Materials Features:Electrically Conductive, Chemical Resistant, Good Thermal Stability, Low Extractables, Good Barrier Properties, Fuel Resistant, Oil Resistant, Anti-Static, Conductive
VESTAMID® MLT 7440 is an automotive industry-proven 5-layer tube specifically designed for fuel handling systems. This system features an outer layer of VESTAMID® polyamide 12, along with two barrier layers: ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) as the middle layer and a fluoropolymer, EFEP NEOFLONTM, as the inner layer. With excellent resistance properties against alcohol-containing fuels, the MLT 7400 offers superior chemical resistance on the inner tube surface and a close-to-zero extraction level. In certain regions, antistatic properties may be required, which are fulfilled by the multilayer tubing system (MLT) 7440. Based on the same design, the MLT 7440 incorporates a conductive fluoropolymer EFEP NEOFLONTM inner layer. Experience the reliability and exceptional performance of the multilayer tubing systems (MLT) 7400 and (MLT) 7440 in fuel handling systems, ensuring superior fuel resistance and meeting the specific requirements of your automotive applications.


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