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Gabriel® PKHP-200 Powder

Sold by Gabriel Performance Products
Chemical Family: Phenoxy Compounds
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastics
Features: Thermal Resistance, Excellent Adhesion
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Safety Data Sheet
PKHP-200 and PKHP-80 Safety Data Sheet
PKHP-200 and PKHP-80 Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
PKHP-200 Powder Technical Data Sheet
PKHP-200 Powder Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Phenoxy Prodcut Brochure
Phenoxy Prodcut Brochure

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Identification & Functionality

Gabriel® PKHP-200 Powder Features & Benefits

CASE Ingredients Features
  • Micronized powder version of PKHH

Applications & Uses

Typical Applications
  • Single-Pack Epoxy/DICY Coatings
  • Adhesives and Sealants


  • Wire coatings
  • PCB coatings
  • Coatings for flexible and rigid packaging
  • Can & Coil coatings
  • Pipe coatings
  • Metal primers
  • Tie layers
  • Clear wood coatings
  • Plastic coatings
  • Glass coatings


  • Prepregs
  • Preforms
  • Sizing
  • Fabric impregnation


  • Compatibilizer
  • Molding & Extrusions


  • Structural adhesives
  • Hotmelts


Compatible Polymers & Resins
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Physical Form
Incompatible with
Strong Oxidizing Agents
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Percent Solids97.0--
Haze (20% solution in cyclohexanone)max. 15%-
Viscosity (25 °C, 20% Solution in Cyclohexanone)525 - 715cPBrookfield

Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory Status

TSCA (USA), DSL (Canada), PICCS (Philippines), AICS (Australia), ENCS/MITI (Japan), IECSC (China), EINECS (EU)

Storage & Handling

Storage and Handling

Gabriel Phenoxy PK™HP-200 is sold in 50–pound (23 KG) net weight lined bags. The powder should be stored at temperatures below 105° F in order to maintain flow. The resin is indefinitely stable in unopened containers if stored as recommended. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and the breathing of the any dust associated with PKHP-200. Wear OSHA standard respirators, gloves, and other appropriate PPE when handling large quantities of PKHP-200.

Gabriel® PKHP-200 Powder
Gabriel Performance Products