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Applications: Roofing, Building & Construction, Roof Coatings

Product Families: Resins & Binders, Acrylics, Additives

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates, Styrene-Acrylic Copolymer, Styrene Copolymers

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Gravure Ink, Waterborne Ink



Applications: Decorative Materials & Finishes, Decorative Paints, Coatings & Stains

Product Families: Resins & Binders, Acrylics

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates

End Uses: Stains, Waterborne Coating

WONDERWET™ IV is a water-soluble acrylic polymer resin designed to retard the drying rate of any water paint, printing ink or adhesive. WONDERWET™ IV is particularly effective in improving the wet edge or open-time of Low- and Zero-VOC flat and non-flat paints and coatings when glycols and other solvents have been replaced or reduced. WONDERWET™ IV will improve the flow, leveling and appearance of a given paint.