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Ottopol 1450

Ottopol 1450 is a hard-modified anionic acrylic emulsion with abrasion and wear resistance. This product has good UV resistance, chemical resistance, and resistance to blush. It has outstanding compatibility with urethane emulsions, providing essentially water-clear blends. It is used as wood finishes and cement sealers.

Brand: Ottopol (36 products)

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates

End Uses: Sealer

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal, Wood

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): 24.0 - 24.0 °C

Features: Chemical Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Good Blush Resistance, Reduced Wear, UV Resistance

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Enhanced TDS

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When blended with urethane emulsions it provides excellent wood finishes and coatings with excellent corrosion resistance. It also has outstanding properties when used as a cement sealer, either by itself or blended with urethane dispersions.

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Milky emulsion
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Flash PointSame as water--
Glass Transition Temperature24°C-
pH7.0 - 9.0--
Solids Content42.5 - 43.5%-
Specific Gravity1.05--
Sward Hardness 22--
Viscosity (at 25°C)max. 500 cps-
Weight / Gallon8.7lbs-

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