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Ottopol 523

Ottopol 523 is a hard acrylic emulsion with hydroxyl functionality. This functionality allows crosslinks with melamine and isocyanates for excellent solvent resistance. Formulations using aziridine will require a plasticizer or coalescent solvent to aid in the film formation of the dried coating. The use of aziridine will result in a short pot life and will cross-link at room temperature. Formulations using melamine and PTSA (Para-Toluene Sulfonic Acid) are stable for a minimum of thirty days. The starting formulation requires a web temperature of 180°F to activate the cross-linking of the resins. An increase in PTSA will lower the temperature required to activate cross-linking, but larger amounts of PTSA will increase the hardness of the dry film. There are no plasticizers or coalescent aids required for film formation when using a melamine resin with this product.

Brand: Ottopol (36 products)

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): 105.0 - 105.0 °C

Features: Blocking Resistance, Solvent Resistance, Stain Resistance

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Enhanced TDS

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  • Catalyzed coatings inherently have high blocking properties, when compared to systems that are not cross-linked.The cured coating has excellent resistance to many solvents and liquids. The stain resistance is excellent. Food and foodscontaining dyes can completely dry on the surface without stainin.

Applications & Uses


Stable Catalyzed Varnish

Product Code Amount
1. Ottopol 523 150.0
2. Cyanamid Cymel 303 (Melamine) 11.0
3. Water 10.0
4. Cyanamid Cycat 40:40 (PTSA 40%) 3.5
5. Aqua Ammonia 28% 0.5
Total 175.0


Place component 1& 2 in a container with agitation and allow to mix for 10 minutes. Premix components 3, 4, & 5 in a suitable container for several minutes. There will be a mild exothermic reaction.. Some water must be included in this step to prevent precipitation between the acid and amine. Pour the pre-mixture into the container and allow to mix for 10 minutes. Viscosity 200 - 500 cps


50% Crosslinked with Polyisocyanate

Product Code Amount Viscosity
1. Ottopol 523 100.0 200-500 cps
2. Water 10.0  
3. Texanol 10.0 440 cps
4. Bayer Corp. Bayhydur XP-7063 4.2 430 cps

Cyanamid: 1-800-438-5615

Bayer Corp. Bayhydur XP-7063: 1-412-777-2000

Step A: Mix components 1, 2 & 3 for 10 minutes

Step B: Add component 4 and mix compound for 30 minutes


Physical Form
Milky white
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Glass Transition Temperature105°C-
pH6.5 - 7.5--
Solids Content44.0 - 46.0%-
Specific Gravity1.0598--
Viscosity 500 - 1500 cps-
Weight / Gallon8.84lbs-

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