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Hexcel F161

Hexcel F161

Producer:  Hexcel
F161 is a structural, heat resistant and electrical grade epoxy formulation designed for autoclave curing. F161 is a high temperature, laminate grade epoxy resin with a 350°F (177°C) cure. F161 is unique in that it was the first resin system to meet all types and classes of MIL-R-9300 B.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits

Composite Materials Features
Product Highlights


  • Moderate Viscosity During Cure
  • Adaptable to Offer Good Tack and Drape for Processing
  • Can Be Adapted for use on Various Weaves and Fiber Reinforcements
  • Nonburning System Available (Bromine Added)


  • Heat Resistant Properties
  • Excellent Heat Aging Properties, Adaptable to Tooling
  • Electrical Grade Formulation
  • Certified to MIL-R-9300 B, Types I and II, Grades O and D, Form B


Applications & Uses



Physical Form
Neat Resin Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Specific gravity1.243--
Tg (Dry)386 (197)°F (°C)-
Tg (Wet)305 (152)°F (°C)-
Equilibrium moisture absorption2.8%-
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion2.6 x 10 (4.68 x 10)in/in/°F (cm/cm/°C)-
Tensile Strength8.7 (60)ksi (Mpa)-
Tensile Modulus0.52 (3.59)Msi (Gpa)-
Tensile Strain2.2%-
Fracture Toughness, K1C0.394 (0.433)ksi (Mpa)-
Strain energy release rate, GC0.262 (0.0459)in-lb/in2 (KJ/m2)-
Gel Time at 350F (177C)min. 1-7--

Packaging & Availability


Prepreg fabric and tape are generally shipped in sealed polyethylene bags in insulated containers packed with dry ice or refrigerated shipment.

Storage & Handling


F161 prepreg should be sealed in a polyethylene bag and refrigerated, preferably below 32°F (0°C). Following removal from refrigerated storage, allow the prepreg to reach room temperature before opening the polyethylene bag to avoid moisture condensation. Shelf life: 6 months at 0°F (-18°C), 3 months at 40°F (4°C).

Product Handling and Safety

Hexcel recommends that customers observe established precautions for handling epoxy resins and fine fibrous materials. Operators working with this product should wear clean, impervious gloves to reduce the possibility of skin contact and to prevent contamination of the material.

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