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Dytek® Intermediates

Applications: Decorative Paints, Other Electrical & Electronics Applications, Exploration & Upstream

Product Families: Functional Additives, Performance Additives, Surface Protective Additives

Chemical Family: Diamines, Imines

End Uses: Epoxy Coating, Hot-Melt Adhesive, Tanks

Dytek® Specialty Intermediates are a family of multifunctional amine and nitrile chemical intermediates developed to inspire R&D chemists and formulators/product developers. With Dytek® Specialty Intermediates, chemists can introduce new and differentiated products, discover new routes in organic synthesis, and advance new chemistry.


Adi-pure® Polymer And Resins

Applications: Dish Care, Laundry & Fabric Care, Surface Care

Product Families: Other Monomers & Oligomers, Fillers & Diluents, Binders & Disintegrants

Chemical Family: Organic Acids, Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives

End Uses: Laundry Detergents, Laundry Bleach, Hard Surface Cleaners

Adi-pure® high-purity adipic acid (hexanedioic acid) is a crystalline, white powder that exhibits typical carboxylic acid chemistry suitable for a wide variety of applications. The high purity, excellent uniformity, and consistent end-use performance of Adi-pure® makes it a valuable intermediate in a wide range of applications.