Dytek® HMD is a highly pure (>99.9%) aliphatic diamine primarily utilized in Nylon polymer production, isocyanates, polyamide resins, and adhesives. Other applications include water treatment, UV stabilizers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, and petroleum additives. This product is available as an anhydrous solid at room temperature and can be shipped as a warm liquid or diluted aqueous solution.

Chemical Name: Hexamethylenediamine

CAS Number: 124-09-4

Functions: Curing Agent, Stabilizer

Chemical Family: Amines, Diamines

Synonyms: 1,6-Diamino-n-hexane, 1,6-Diaminohexane, 1,6-Hexamethylenediamine, 1,6-Hexanediamine, 1,6-Hexylenediamine, Diaminohexane, Hexylenediamine, HMDA

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
CASE Ingredients Functions
Fluids & Lubricants Functions
EC No.
Molecular Structure

INVISTA Dytek HMD Molecular Structure

Applications & Uses

Compatible Polymers & Resins
  • Isocyanates
  • Epoxy curing agents
  • Petroleum additives
  • Polyamide resins, adhesives, inks, fibers
  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Water treatment chemicals


Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
1,2-Diaminocyclohexane Content4mpm
2-Aminomethylcyclopentylamine Content19mpm
2-Methylpentamethylenediamine Content3mpm
Boiling Point (100wt%)204°C
Density (at 25°C, 100wt%)7.09lb/gal
Density (at 25°C, 70wt%)7.74lb/gal
Density (at 25°C, 85wt%)7.47lb/gal
Density (at 25°C, 90wt%)7.38lb/gal
Flash Point (100wt%)85°CCOC
Flash Point (70wt%)116°CCOC
Flash Point (85wt%)107°CCOC
Flash Point (90wt%)102°CCOC
Freezing Point (100wt%)41°C
Freezing Point (70wt%)6°C
Freezing Point (85wt%)24°C
Freezing Point (90wt%)30°C
Heat of Solution in Water (at 43.8°C, 100% HMD)8.2kcal/mol
Hexamethylenediamine Content60-100wt%
Initial Boiling Point (70wt%)111.5°C
Initial Boiling Point (85wt%)122.3°C
Initial Boiling Point (90wt%)129.5°C
Molecular Weight116.2
pH (5wt% aqueous)12.4
pKa1 (at 25°C)11.02
pKa2 (at 25°C)10.24
Polarographically Reducible Impurities8mpm
Solubility in Water (at 30°C, 100% HMD)960g/100 g
Specific Gravity (at 25°C, 100wt%)0.854
Specific Gravity (at 25°C, 70wt%)0.929
Specific Gravity (at 25°C, 85wt%)0.9
Specific Gravity (at 25°C, 90wt%)0.889
Vapor Pressure (at 60°C, 100% HMD)3mmHg
Water Content0.1-40wt%

Packaging & Availability

Shipping Information
DYTEK® HMD Concentration (wt %)
Grade 60*, 70**, 80 85 85-95 100
Shipping Name Hexamethylenediamine Solution Hexamethylenediamine Solid
DOT/IMO Label Corrosive Corrosive
UN Number 1783 2280
Packaging Group II III
Hazard Class 8 8
Form Liquid Solid at 20°C; shipped (bulk) as a warm liquid
Shipping Weights, lb, net
Tank Car 175,000 175,000 175,000 175,000
Tank Truck 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000
Drum 400 lb/181.44 kg 400 lb/181.44 kg Not Available 380 lb/172.37 kg

* Only available in Europe.
** Not available in Europe.