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Phoenix EASE-ON

Sold by JTM Products
Ready-to-Use Product Type: Lubricant
Application Area: Pipes, Potable Water Applications, Pipe Fittings, Gaskets
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal, Elastomers & Rubbers, Concrete, Plastics
Features: Biodegradable, Bacteria Resistant, Wide Temperature Operating Range, FBC™ System Compatible, Water Soluble, Excellent Lubricity, Non-Toxic
Chemical Family: Vegetable Oils
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Safety Data Sheet
JTM Products EASE-ON Safety Data Sheet
JTM Products EASE-ON Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
JTM Products EASE-ON Flyer
JTM Products EASE-ON Flyer
Technical Data Sheet
JTM Products EASE-ON Technical Data Sheet
JTM Products EASE-ON Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Ready-to-Use Product Type
Ready-to-Use Products

Phoenix EASE-ON Features & Benefits

  • Ease-ON is a non-hazardous lubricant made from a biodegradable blend of soaps and lubricity enhancers. Mating of abutting pipes forces the paste into the cavity, thus providing the needed lubrication to complete coupling and seal the joint.
  • Formulated to perform in a wide temperature range, Ease-On can be used from -10° to 150°F. Ease-On can be used on all types of pipe including asbestos cement, cast iron, concrete, plastic and clay pipe. It will not deteriorate natural rubber, synthetic rubber or plastic gaskets.
  • Both JTM and NSF use strict analytical standards and formulation consistency to assure production of a safe lubricant for water pipe joining.
  • EASE-ON will not impart taste, color or odor in pipelines flushed in accordance with recommended AWWA procedures.
  • EASE-ON is a water dispersible, pipe joint lubricant certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for use in potable water systems. Its creamy consistency allows the installer to apply a smooth, consistent coating of EASE-ON to both the gasket and the pipe. Combine this with EASE-ON’s excellent lubricity and the result is easier, faster and more reliable pipe assembly operations. The versatility of this formula is exceptional.
  • EASE-ON has a very broad usable temperature range: -10°F to 150°F. Since it applies equally well to wet or dry surfaces, EASE-ON High Performance Pipe Joint Lubricant can be used in all conditions, all year long, on any type of pipe.

Applications & Uses

  • FBC™ system compatible
  • Will not support bacteria growth
  • Contains no petroleum
  • Contains no phosphates
  • All-season, all-weather lubricant
  • Can be applied from -10° to 150°F
  • Slow rate of solubility
  • Smooth, easy-to-spread
  • Biodegradable
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Minimizes insertion forces
  • Non-hazardous
  • Certified low lead level (<0.25%)
  • Low VOC


Physical Form
Off white creamy paste
Dispersible in
Miscible in
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Boiling Pointapprox. 180˚F-
Flash Pointmin. 220˚F-
Bulk Densityapprox. 9.3lbs./gal.-
pH (5% in water)9.0--
Penetration (at 77°F)max. 360--

Regulatory & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Phoenix EASE-ON
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