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EnCroMix® Plus

Sold by Jubilant Ingrevia Limited
Function: Energy Sources, Abiotic Stress Mitigator
Features: Improving Stress Tolerance
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Safety Data Sheet
EnCroMix® Plus Safety Data Sheet
EnCroMix® Plus Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Jubilant Life Sciences Brochure
Jubilant Life Sciences Brochure
EnCroMix® Plus Brochure
EnCroMix® Plus Brochure

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Identification & Functionality

Animal Feed & Nutrition Functions
Animal Feed & Nutrition

EnCroMix® Plus Features & Benefits

Animal Feed & Nutrition Features
Product Highlights
  • Encromix@ Plus is the synergistic combination of Chromium, Biotin and Ribose to combat stress conditions and boost performance in poultry.
  • Encromix@ Plus contains 2.24% salt of chromium tripicolinate with adequate quantity of ribose and biotin, which offers chromium levels at 625ppb at 250g/MT
  • D Picolinic acid is the body's prime chelator of the vital trace elements such as Zn,Cu, Fe and Mn(l)
  • Chromium excretion increases 10-300 folds in stress, chromium in Encromix@ Plus has promising impact on stressm, metabolism and immune system
  • Trials show that Encromix@ Plus has positive impact on broilers and layers in terms of weight gain,egg production and Cr enrichment in eggs)
  • Premix of Organic chromium tri-picolinate salts
  • Ensures highly bio-available chromium
  • Primary component of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF)
  • Product of Jubilant’s patented process
Performance Highlights
  • Nullify adverse effect of stress
  • Potentiates insulin action & activates chromuduline & increase passage of glucose into the cells
  • Improves feed intake, body weight gain & immunity

Applications & Uses

Technical Details & Test Data

Recommended Inclusion Rate

250 g/MT of feed or as directed by nutritionist

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Information

30 Kg Bag

EnCroMix® Plus
Jubilant Ingrevia Limited