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KALISOP® gran.

KALISOP® gran.

KALISOP® gran. is a highly concentrated two nutrient fertiliser with 50% K2O and 44% SO3 as sulphate. KALISOP® gran. is water-soluble, so that the nutrients K and S are immediately plant available. KALISOP® gran. (typ. 1.2% Cl) is almost chloride free and therefore ideal for chloride sensitive crops. KALISOP® gran. has a low salt index and thus is especially suitable for valuable special purpose crops in intensive cropping systems. KALISOP® gran. is approved according to regulation (EU) 2018/848 and (EC) 889/2008 for use in organic farming systems.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits

Product Highlights
  • Sulphate of potash 50 (+44)
  • 50 %  K2O water-soluble potassium oxide
  • 44 %  SO3 water-soluble sulphur trioxide


Further Information

KALISOP® gran. for chloride sensitive crops

  • Most of the fruit and vegetable crops are chloride sensitive and are particularly susceptible to high chloride levels during germination and young growth stages.
  • KALISOP® gran. is particularly useful in starch potato production. The transport of assimilates from the leaves to the tubers proceeds undisturbed due to the very low chloride content of potassium sulphate. Thereby, it is possible to fully exploit the potato yield potential in whilst maintaining a high starch content.
  • In both indoor and outdoor intensive cultivation systems increased salt concentrations in the soil solution in relation to the water balance may occur. Stunted growth and reduced yields are often the consequence. KALISOP® gran. is the ideal potash fertiliser in such conditions due to its low salt index.

KALISOP® gran. as a sulphur fertiliser

  • Significantly reduced atmospheric sulphur depositions and continued use of highly concentrated fertiliser with a low sulphur content has led in many regions to sulphur deficiency in crops.
  • The main symptom of sulphur deficiency is a leaf discolouration which looks similar to N deficiency. In general, N-deficiency is more evident on older leaves whereas S-deficiency affects the younger leaves.
  • An adequate sulphur supply improves the nitrogen use efficiency and increases yield and quality.
  • KALISOP® gran. is particularly suitable for plants with a high sulphur requirement (oilseed rape, sunflower, brassicas, onion, leek etc.) due to its high sulphur content (44% SO3).
  • KALISOP® gran. contains sulphur in the water-soluble and immediately plant available sulphate form. The soil pH is not altered by KALISOP® gran. application.

Applications & Uses

  • KALISOP® gran. is particularly suitable for plants with a high sulphur requirement (oilseed rape, sunflower brassicas, onion, leek etc.) due to its high sulphur content (44% SO3). Apart from that anadequate sulphur supply improves the nitrogen-use efficiency.
  • KALISOP® gran. is ideal for crops with a high sulphur demand. Sulphur improves the efficiency of Nitrogen-fertiliser and has a positive influence on yield and quality.
  • KALISOP® gran. improves the colour intensity of fruits and vegetables. The sugar and acid content is increased and the aroma intensified. The marketable fruits are more attractive to the customer.
  • KALISOP® gran. increases the strength of the plant tissues in fruits and vegetables and consequently the storage and transportability of the end-product as well as the suitability for processing and preservation.
  • Potassium sulphate is suitable for the basal as well as the top dressing of crops. KALISOP® gran. should be applied in spring in order to prevent losses, especially on sites prone to leaching.
  • The optimal fertiliser rate depends on the soil potassium content, the cultivation intensity and the yield expectations. The recommendations in the table below are a guideline for the fertiliser application on soils with a medium potassium supply and medium to high yield expectations.
crop KALISOP® fine
(kg ha-1)
Potatoes 200-600
Oil Crops 200-400
Tobacco 200-400
Vegetables 200-600
Tomatoes 300-600
Pepper 200-300
Cucumber/Melons 200-400
Onion 200-400
Cabbage 400-800
Hops 200-300
Fruits, soft fruits 300-500
Vines 100-300


Suitability for organic farming

KALISOP® gran. is mined from natural salt deposits in Europe, which were formed by the evaporation of seawater many millions of years ago.

Due to its natural origin and the minimal processing in our fertiliser factories, KALISOP® gran. is suitable for organic farming according to regulation (EU) 2018/848 and (EC) 889/2008. KALISOP® gran. has also been certified by the Soil Association (UK) for use in organic farming systems.


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