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UNI-REZ™ 2633

Sold by Kraton
Chemical Family: Polyamides
End Uses: Hot Melt Adhesive
Features: Low Viscosity, Excellent Adhesion
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TypeDocument Name
Safety Data Sheet
UNI-REZ 2633 Safety Data Sheet
UNI-REZ 2633 Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
UNI-REZ 2633 Technical Data Sheet
UNI-REZ 2633 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
CASE Ingredients Functions

UNI-REZ™ 2633 Features & Benefits

CASE Ingredients Features
Product Highlights
  • Lower application temperature
  • Low-temperature flexibility
  • Excellent adhesion to plastics including
  • Multipurpose Assembly plasticized PVC
  • Excellent adhesion to galvanized steel
  • Non-yellowing

Applications & Uses


Soluble in
Sales Specifications
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Softening Point (Ring & Ball)127 - 137°CASTM E28 (AQCM 003)
Viscosity LVT Brookfield, Spindle #31, cps/mPA.s 190°C4500 - 8000-ASTM D3236 (AQCM 146)
Color , 40% in n-Butanolmax. 7GardnerAQCM 002
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Acid Number0.8mg KOH/gAQCM 001
Amine Number6.5mg KOH/gAQCM 139
Color , 40% in n-Butanol4+GardnerAQCM 002
Moisture Quintel Moisture Analyzer0.25%AQCM 056
Tensile Strength250 (1.8)MpaASTM D1708
Elongation at Break300.0%ASTM D1708
Tensile Modulus3100 (21)MpaASTM D638
Peel Strength pli, plasticized PVC to itself30 (131)N/25mmASTM D1876
Mandrel Bend Flexibility (1” diameter), pass-40.0°CASTM D3111
Open Time seconds, 10 mil film30.0-ASTM D4497
Shear Adhesion Failure Temp (SAFT), 1 kg. wt. C115.0-ASTM D4498
Hardness81Shore AASTM D2240-97
Water Absorption after 24 hours0.7%ASTM D570
Water Absorption after 7 days1.9%ASTM D570
Pounds per gallon 25°C8.1 (0.97)g/ccASTM D792
Flash Point (COC)271 (520)°C (°F)ASTM D92-16

Technical Details & Test Data

Viscosity/Temperature Curve

Kraton UNI-REZ 2633 Viscosity/Temperature Curve

Packaging & Availability

  • UNI-REZ 2633 hot melt polyamide adhesive is in pellet form, packaged in poly-foil lined multi-wall bags, 40 or 50 lb . net

Storage & Handling


This product will slowly absorb moisture from the air, which may cause foaming when the resin is melted and could result in inadequate bonds. Partially used containers should be closed tightly, or the remaining resin transferred into an airtight container and kept in a cool, dry area.

UNI-REZ™ 2633