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Lonza’s proven preservatives, Glydant® and Glydant® 2000 , have been used for decades to preserve a variety of personal care products. Glydant® and Glydant® 2000 are compatible over a wide pH range and stable in most formulations. A low use level combined with strong efficacy makes these cost-effective and reliable preservative choices. Specifically, Glydant® 2000 has an ultra-low free formaldehyde content of <0.09% thereby avoiding the H350 phrase in Europe.

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INCIs: DMDM Hydantoin

Categories: Microbial Control & Preservation

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Glydant® LTD

INCIs: DMDM Hydantoin

Categories: Microbial Control & Preservation

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Glydant® 2000

INCIs: DMDM Hydantoin

Categories: Microbial Control & Preservation

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Excellent Antibacterial for Product Protection

Glydant® is a preservative system that acts as an effective antibacterial. This DMDM Hydantoin chemistry has been used safely and effectively for years within personal care. Glydant® works well in most cosmetic formulations and can be used at low use levels. For added ease of use, Glydant® is offered in a liquid format. In addition, there are strong safety and toxicological packages supporting this material.

Key Benefits
  • Cost-effective, excellent antimicrobial and a mild antifungal with a wide range of global regulatory approvals.
  • Unmatched formulation flexibility with Water-white/color stability, heat stability, water solubility and compatibility with anionics, nonionics and cationics.
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