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Lonzabac® MP Oxygen Releaser

Lonzabac® MP Oxygen Releaser

Lonzabac® MP Oxygen Releaser is a mild oxidizing active ingredient, highly effective in various applications including (but not limited to) as a bleaching system in laundry applications, a descaling agent and as an antimicrobial for the formulation of disinfectant products. Lonzabac® MP Oxygen Releaser shows very strong activity against bacteria, fungi and yeast. Antimicrobial products based on Lonzabac® MP Oxygen Releasers are expected to be effective also against spores and viruses, including non-enveloped viruses. The product is highly effective on washable surfaces especially in sensitive medical and industrial areas where high performance disinfection is paramount. Lonzabac® MP Oxygen Releaser is a solid crystalline powder that causes an outstanding oxidizing effect on the surface, especially when added in water. The very effective oxygen release enables a microbiological efficacy of a wide range of microorganisms. No activation step is required meaning an aqueous solution of Lonzabac® MP Oxygen Releaser starts working immediately when in contact with the treated surface.
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