SeaPure® Agarose

SeaPure™ Agarose is a pure, neutral gelling polymer obtained from red seaweeds that is compatible with nearly any ingredient, including highly anionic or cationic materials and acids. This all natural, colorless, odorless stabilizer is a non-greasy thickener, with good rub-out and minimal residue to provides a cool, clean skin feel, without residue, making it an ideal medium for foams, sprays, sticks, lotions, masks, or encapsulating materials.

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Features And Benefits
Compatible with highly anionic , cationic materials and acids
Natural , colorless & odorless
Can be used in high and low pH applications
Provides cool, clean skin feel
Contributes to emulsion stability
Unique, highly purified, neutral gelling polymer derived from red seaweed (Rhodophyta)
Ingredient Claims
End Use Claims
Non-greasy feel
Aesthetic enhancement
Soft feel
Formula stability
Color and look
Film forming
Regional Availability
North America
Product Characteristics
Plant Origin
Marine Plant Origin
Formulation Conditions
Soluble in
Mineral oil
Castor oil
Safflower oil
Use Level

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Technical product information

Key Attributes
  • Compatible with highly anionic, cationic materials and acids.
  • Natural, colorless & odorless.
  •  Can be used in high and low pH applications Provides cool, clean skin feelUnique, highly purified, neutral gelling polymer derived from red seaweed (Rhodophyta).
Chemical Structure of Agarose


  • Disperse agarose in room temperature water using constant agitation.
  •  Heat to 85°C with agitation and hold until all particles are dissolved; about 15 minutes. Cool to 55°C and replace any water loss using agitation.
  • Incorporate other ingredients using agitation above 40°C.
  • If preparing formed gels, pour in to molds (hot) at desired thickness and allow to gel at room temperature. If using agarose to thicken, continue agitation as solution cools to prevent gel formation during the cooling phase.  Adjust mixing shear to achieve desired texture in the finished solution. Gelation is complete when temperature reaches 20°C – 25°C. Pour thickened liquid in to desired containers.
Compatibility of Agarose


Product Information

Neutral and compatible

  • Neutral polysaccharide with a low percentage of residual charged groups (sulfates, pyruvates, methoxyls).
  • Compatible with nearly any ingredient, particularly highly anionic or cationic materials, even at high concentration.
  • No salts, counterions, pH changes, other polymers or initiators required for gelation.
  • Functions in low pH applications.
  • Easy incorporation and release of sensitive materials.

Strong, versatile gelling properties

  • Provides strong gelling characteristics at very low concentrations: gel strength ≥ 1,200 g/cm2 at 1%.
  • Broad viscosity profile at low use level forms thermoreversible gels: gelation at 34°C to 37°C,
    and remelts at >90°C.
  • Reduces the need for additional ingredients to achieve desired rheology and skin feel.

Clear and odorless

  • Naturally clear and odorless material provides a clean, clear.
    stabilizer, and is well suited to color or scent additives.

Excellent tactile characteristics

  • Non-greasy thickener, with good rub-out and minimal residue Smooth, clean skin feel Soft, elastic gels.
  • Versatile texturizing propertie.
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