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DIACRON™ FC-3288 is a polyester resin with excellent pigment dispersibility. It is a low Tg grade and is optimal as a binder for paints and adhesives. By blending with a high Tg grade DIACRON, it exhibits excellent adhesion and bendability to plastic films, moldings and metals such as aluminum, copper and iron. It improves hardness, heat resistance and toughness by using additive such as isocyanates.   Features: Low Tg and excellent substrate adhesion Excellent chemical and weather resistance Excellent pigment dispersion   Benefits: Use of biomass raw materials Flexibility  Durability   Applications: PCM coatings Adhesives for films Binder for screen inks Heat seal   *DIACRON™ is provided by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

Brand: DIACRON™ (8 products)

Chemical Family: Polyesters

End Uses: Coil Coating, Digital Ink, Electrophotography Ink, Electrostatic Ink, Flexography Ink, Gravure Ink, Inkjet Ink, Lacquers, Letterpress Ink, Lithographic Ink, Offset Ink, Powder Coating, Primer, Reactive Adhesive, Screen Printing Ink, Solventborne Adhesive, Solventborne Coating, Solventless & High Solids Coating, Varnishes

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Aluminum, Copper, Glass, Iron, Metal, Plastics

Features: Excellent Adhesion, Excellent Solubility, Good Pigment Dispersion, Good Toughness, Heat Resistance, Improved Flexibility, Improved Hardness, Low Glass Transition Temperature, Multi-Substrate Adhesion, Water Resistance

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Enhanced TDS

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  • Adhesiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Easily Soluble to Solvents
  • Using 20% Biomass Monomer
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Bio-based raw materials/recycled PET

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Physical Form
Resin Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Glass Transition Temperature8-
Softening Temperature120--
Acid Value1--
OH Value (120°C, 30min)4--
Molecular Weight (120°C, 30min)47000--
Solution Viscosity (40% conc. in MEK)550--
Solution Viscosity (60% conc. in MEK)19500--

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