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A global specialty additive supplier offering defoamers for reducing the problems associated with foam formation in the production and application of water-based systems. Munzing's product lines include: DEE FO® and AGITAN® - defoamers for printing inks, coatings and adhesives; EDAPLAN® - leveling and universal dispersing agents; METOLAT® - wetting agents; TAFIGEL® - rheology modifiers; CERETAN - micronized and coated waxes; LUBA-print - wax dispersions. For industrial applications, our FOAM BAN® products are formulated for specific levels of foam control unique to each application, from metalworking fluids and industrial cleaners to antifreeze coolants and industrial lubricants. Our MAGRABAR® product line has been developed for a wide range of applications in the food industry. We offer both liquid and powder products in a range of materials and concentrations, including options suitable for organic, non-GMO and identity preserved processing. Our organic products are certified by QAI, and non-GMO options are Non-GMO Project Verified. If you have a specific foaming challenge, we have the technical expertise and laboratory capabilities to craft a unique solution.

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EDAPLAN® 490 (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: EDAPLAN® 490
AGITAN® P 800 (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: AGITAN® P 800
FOAM BAN® 1880 (DE) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: FOAM BAN® 1880
LUBA-print® 559/G (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: LUBA-print® 559/G
SÜDRANOL® 100 (DE) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: SÜDRANOL® 100
LUBRANIL® N 20 (DE) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: LUBRANIL® N 20
Products: CERETAN® MT 9120, CERETAN® MX 9820, SÜDRANOL® 200, WÜKONIL® HB 4000, WÜKONIL® HS, WÜKONIL® PW, CERETAN® ME 0825, CERETAN® MF 5108, CERETAN® MM 8015, CERETAN® MO 3220, CERETAN® MXF 9510 D, CERETAN® MBP 00125, CERETAN® ME 0520, CERETAN® ME 1715, CERETAN® MO 4715, CERETAN® MT 9015, CERETAN® MX 9510, CERETAN® MX 9815, CERETAN® MXBP 00825, CERETAN® MXBP 60125, CERETAN® MXF 10115, CERETAN® MXF 10215, CERETAN® MXF 10325, CERETAN® MXF 10425, CERETAN® MXF 9820 D, CERETAN® MXS 3615, LUBA-print® 121/C, LUBA-print® 161/T, LUBA-print® 301/C, LUBA-print® 654/DF 2, LUBA-print® SEB 0820 ET, LUBA-print® 184/W, LUBA-print® 184/W-35F, LUBA-print® 338, LUBA-print® 499, LUBA-print® 5500, LUBA-print® 551/2, LUBA-print® 760/D, LUBA-print® 965/K, LUBA-print® W 5700, LUBA-print® W 5725, LUBA-print® W 5800, WÜKONIL® RT 50, WÜKONIL® RT 50 F, WÜKOSEAL® 2800, CERETAN® A 70, CERETAN® MA 7050, CERETAN® MM 8120, CERETAN® MP 2140, CERETAN® MX 9825, CERETAN® P 21, CERETAN® T 91, LUBA-print® 333/X, LUBA-print® 965/A, LUBA-print® 967/A, SÜDRANOL® BEE, SÜDRANOL® CAR 20, SÜDRANOL® HD 35, SÜDRANOL® NAT 30, CERETAN® MC 6030, CERETAN® MP 2120, CERETAN® MPS 3120, CERETAN® MX 2919, CERETAN® MXS 3815, LUBA-print® 154/S, LUBA-print® 280/W, LUBA-print® 445/W, LUBA-print® 552/A, LUBA-print® 725, LUBA-print® 914/A, LUBA-print® 942, SÜDRANOL® 250, SÜDRANOL® 340, LUBA-print® 103/A-neu, LUBA-print® 301/K-2, LUBA-print® 346/F, LUBA-print® 501/XB, LUBA-print® 582/E, LUBA-print® 706/F, LUBA-print® 887/K, LUBA-print® B 15/XB, LUBA-print® C 10/XB, LUBA-print® T-152/D30, CERETAN® MA 7019, CERETAN® MAB 7055, CERETAN® MF 5715, CERETAN® MTZ 9335, CERETAN® MXD 3920, CERETAN® MXF 9899, LUBA-print® CA 30, LUBA-print® 501/S-100, LUBA-print® 715/A, LUBA-print® A 620, LUBA-print® SXF 9510 BG, LUBA-print® 280/F, CERETAN® MC 6015, CERETAN® MF 5010, LUBA-print® 121/F (ND), LUBA-print® 276/A (ND), LUBA-print® 436 (ND), LUBA-print® 501/S (ND), LUBA-print® 502, LUBA-print® 660, LUBA-print® 693/M, LUBA-print® 749/PM, LUBA-print® 887/C, LUBA-print® 897/PM (ND), LUBA-print® 934/G (ND), LUBA-print® 459/H-2, LUBA-print® 559/G, LUBRANIL® DF 45, LUBRANIL® X 9030, LUBA-print® 351/G, LUBA-print® 352, LUBA-print® 3520, LUBA-print® 434/F, LUBA-print® 447/A (ND), LUBA-print® 694/R, LUBA-print® 887/H, LUBA-print® KL 30, LUBA-print® T-152/35%-D30, LUBA-print® WE 1620, LUBA-print® WEF 1617, LUBA-print® WXF 9510, CERETAN® A 71, CERETAN® A 73, CERETAN® MA 7008, CERETAN® MA 7020, CERETAN® MA 7080, CERETAN® MA 7150, CERETAN® MA 7250, CERETAN® MCX 6610, CERETAN® MCX 6625, CERETAN® MCXF 6610, CERETAN® ME 1620, CERETAN® MO 3220 WD, CERETAN® MPF 2520 D, CERETAN® MT 9220, CERETAN® MX 9620, CERETAN® MX 9720
LUBA-print® 942 (EN) Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Products: LUBA-print® 942
EDAPLAN® LA 403 (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: EDAPLAN® LA 403
CERETAN® MP 2180 (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: CERETAN® MP 2180
CERETAN® MXS 3815 (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: CERETAN® MXS 3815
AGITAN® DF 6120 (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: AGITAN® DF 6120