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Your partner in essential solutions for a sustainable future.

We produce essential solutions for our customers to manufacture everyday products, such as personal care, cleaning goods, paints and coatings, agriculture and food, pharmaceuticals, and building products. We forge long-term customer partnerships and operate in over 80 countries around the world with a portfolio of industry-leading brands. Our solutions play an essential role in everyday life for people around the globe and our attention to societal trends and dedication to our customers have earned us a place among the leading companies in our industry in terms of safety, sustainability and innovation resulting in a consistently strong financial performance and business growth.

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Document Name
Nouryon Ethylan 1005 (NA - EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Ethylan 1005
Structure XL (EN) Technical Bulletin
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Structure XL
Nouryon EU Ecolabel (EN) Guide
Products: Ethylan 1005, AG 6202, AG 6206, AG 6210, Alcoguard 4160, Alcoguard H 5941, Ampholak YJH-40, Berol 185 PO, Berol 260, Berol 266, Berol 360, Berol 366, Berol 840, Berol ENV226 Plus, Berol EP 25, Berol EZ-1, Berol LFG 61, Berol LS, Berol R648 PO, Berol SurfBoost AD15, Dissolvine GL-47-S, Dissolvine M-40, Ethylan 1003, Ethylan 1008, Ethylan 1008W, Ethylan HB4, OMA 4, Dissolvine M-X, Alcoguard H 5941D, Berol EcoClean
Nouryon Finnfix Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Finnfix
Nouryon Personal Care Rheology Modifiers Brochure
Products: Amaze XT, Balance® RCFg, ELFACOS GT 282S, Structure 2001, Structure 3001, Structure SOLANACE, Structure XL, Structure ZEA
Nouryon Dispersants and Wetting Agents Technical Data Sheet - Global (EN)
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Agrilan 700 Dry, Ethylan NS-500LQ, Morwet 3028 Powder, Morwet D-400 Powder, Morwet D-425 Liquid, Morwet D-425 Powder, Morwet D-809 Powder, Morwet EFW Powder, Morwet D-360 Powder
Nouryon Dissolvine (EN) Product Guide
Products: Dissolvine GL-47-S, Dissolvine M-40, Dissolvine NA2-P, Ferrazone, Solvitar™, Dissolvine M-X, Dissolvine GL Premium
Dissolvine GL-47-S (EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Dissolvine GL-47-S
Nouryon Morwet D-425 (US-EN) Powder Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Morwet D-425 Powder
Nouryon Finnfix IND. Pur. All Grades Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Finnfix
Witconate NAS-88 (NA - EN) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Witconate NAS-88
Nouryon PCI Product Selector Guide
Products: Ethylan 1005, Alcosperse 602N, Alcosperse 747, Amadol CMA 12, Amadol CMA 5, Amadol CMA 8, Amadol OMA 4W, Amphoteen 24T, Arquad 16-29, Arquad MCB-50, Berol 08 Powder, Berol 175, Berol 185, Berol EP 25, Duomeen CD, Ethomeen C/25, Ethomeen T/15, Ethylan 1008, Ethylan CDP 1480, Ethylan TD1085, Ethylan TD3070E, Nouryon GT 2624, Phospholan PE169, Phospholan PHB14, Phospholan PS-131, Triameen Y12D-30, Duomeen TDO, Ethylan CO-120