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Dissolvine® chelates form strong, water-soluble complexes that prevent undesirable precipitation, dissolve scale deposits and optimize oxidation processes. Our chelate product range includes chelating agents that bind and control metal ions, as well as metal chelates that introduce the right form of metal ions into a product or process.

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Dissolvine® aminopolycarboxylate-based chelating agents are used in countless applications to control metal ions in water-based systems. They are highly effective for controlling water hardness ions as well as for cleaning surfaces, descaling boilers, processing textiles and preventing scale formation.

When it comes to controlling metal ion reactivity, Dissolvine® chelating agents are an important tool for reducing the detrimental effect of metal catalysts in peroxide cleaners and in pulp bleaching for paper manufacturing. Other applications include improving personal care formulations and stabilizing the bleaching process in textile.

Finally, Dissolvine® chelating agents are also used extensively to enhance the chemical and physical properties of metal ions, ranging from metal plating, providing essential elements to growing plants and supplying iron for H2S gas scrubbing.

Innovating and supplying high performing products with a low environmental impact is important for Nouryon. In our search for a product that delivers excellent chelating performance with readily biodegradable properties, Nouryon introduced Dissolvine® M-40. The active component is MGDA, a chelating agent that has a proven track record in many different institutional and household cleaners. Today, in addition to Dissolvine® M-40, another MGDA product is offered to the market; Dissolvine® M-S, a free flowing granule.

MGDA is a fast-working, strong builder with excellent ecological properties, being readily biodegradable and not labelled as dangerous. This makes MGDA an ideal replacement for ingredients under regulatory pressure, such as phosphates (which are banned in various regions due to water eutrophication) in automatic dish washing (ADW), in car care and laundry. It is a drop-in replacement for NTA in industrial and institutional cleaners. In cleaning applications, Dissolvine® M-40, as well as Dissolvine® M-S, will outperform widely used builders like phosphates, citrates, gluconates and zeolites due to their stronger bonds with hard water ions.

Dissolvine® M-40 is a 40 weight percent solution of Methylglycine N,N-diacetic acid trisodium salt (MGDA) in water (figure 1) with typicals listed in table 1a. The IUPAC name for MGDA is 2-Aminopropionic acid, N,N-dicarboxymethyl-, trisodium salt. MGDA is also known as Alanine N,N-bis(carboxymethyl) trisodium salt.

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