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Brand: Cekol

Applications: Oral Care, Oral, Functional Foods

Product Families: Formulation & Processing Aids, Gums & Hydrocolloids, Other Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Cellulose & Cellulosics, Cellulose Ethers

End Uses: Toothpaste, Sauces, Powder Shakes

Today, when sustainability and green values are the key drivers in product innovations, CEKOL® cellulose gum is a preferred choice as a bio-based and biodegradable hydrocolloid. The raw material selection and adjustment of the production process steps makes it possible to tailor specific CEKOL grade’s functionality to different applications. CEKOL Cellulose Gum is a water-soluble polymer derived from wood or cotton cellulose and produced to minimum 99.5% purity. Products manufactured from wood cellulose are fulfilling the GMO-free requirements. The product hydrates and dissolves readily in hot and cold water. By choosing the right CEKOL type, the formulator can achieve the desired rheology for any aqueous system, including suspensions and emulsions. Besides controlling the rheology, CEKOL cellulose gum is known for its excellent water retaining and film forming capacity.