NuSil™ CV-2946

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NuSil™ CV-2946 is a controlled volatility (NuSil™ CV) silicone materials silicone's ability to remain elastic at low temperatures and resistant to breakdown at high temperatures offer excellent utility in extraterrestrial environments where materials are repeatedly exposed to extreme temperatures. NuSil's Controlled Volatility (NuSil™ CV) and Ultra Low Outgassing TM (SNuSil™ CV) silicone products are used by leading space programs to provide the much-needed resilient protection they require against contamination and material degradation.Benefits of Silicone Materials for Space Broad Operating Temperature Compensation for CTE Mismatch Protection Against Atomic Oxygen Optically Clear Formulations Flight Legacy Comments: 1.5 W/m-K, Primed Lap Shear 160 psi (1.1 MPa).

Product TypeConductive Adhesive

Application AreaCircuit Substrates, Electronic Components

Chemical FamilySilicones

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