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Boltorn™ H311

Chemical Family: Polyols, Dendritic Polymers

Molecular Weight: 5700.0 - 5700.0 g/mol

Boltorn™ H311 is a dendritic polymer polyol that can be used as an effective load builder for high firmness molded foam and high resilience (HR) slabstock foam, and to replace copolymer polyols of styrene acrylonitrile (SAN)-type or conventional-type crosslinkers. Benefits More efficient than SAN-type polymer polyols in providing compressive loads at given solids level Foam formulations with lower total solids levels Provides exceptionally high FD or CFD loads Increases foam stability and allows for high firmness at low density Features Dendritic polymer polyol with high hydroxyl functionality Highly branched flexible backbone with more than 20 primary hydroxyl groups Contains 10 % water Viscous liquid at room temperature Excellent solubility in polyether polyols, glycols and polyalcohols

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Boltorn™ P500

Chemical Family: Polyols (Polyester), Dendritic Polymers

Molecular Weight: 1800.0 - 1800.0 g/mol

Boltorn™ P500 is an intermediate used as a precursor for UV-curing acrylate oligomers and as a cross-linking polymer polyol for flexible polyurethane foams. Features Good balance between hardness and flexibility and reactivity Exceptional relationship between viscosity, molecular weight and functionality Applications Automotive seating Polyurethane foams UV-curable acrylic materials  

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Boltorn™ U3000

Function: Anti-Blocking Agent

Chemical Family: Dendritic Polymers

Labeling Claims: Low VOC

Features: Air Drying, Low Viscosity, Outdoor Durability

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Boltorn™ U3000 is a  fully fatty acid-modified dendritic polymer with a high concentration of unsaturation. It is used in wood stains and alkyd paints for outdoor applications.  Features Branched structure provides unique flow properties Low VOC Low viscosity Dries rapidly Outdoor durability

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Boltorn™ P1000

Chemical Family: Polyols, Dendritic Polymers

Molecular Weight: 1500.0 - 1500.0 g/mol

Boltorn™ P1000 is a liquid, low viscosity dendritic polyester and polyether blend used as a precursor for UV/EB curable acrylates. Benefits Allows monomer-free formulation The acrylate of Boltorn™ P1000 yields “ready to go“ coatings with excellent reactivity, hardness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, low water sensitivity and low extractables Features Exceptionally low viscosity and low shrinkage High molecular weight and high reactivity High hydroxyl number Viscous liquid at room temperature End uses UV-digital printing