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Boltorn™ H2004 product card banner

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Boltorn™ H2004

Brand: Boltorn

Product Families: Inkjet Printing, Functional Additives, Intermediates

Chemical Family: Fluoropolymers, Polyols, Dendritic Polymers

Boltorn™ H2004 is a liquid fatty acid modified dendritic polymer with 6 terminal hydroxyl groups. This dendritic polyol not only offers the general advantages of polyols in cationic systems like improved flexibility and reactivity, but also further improves the chemical resistance and rheological behavior of flexographic inks while maintaining high curing speed. The Newtonian behavior of printing inks containing Boltorn™ H2004 improves ink transfer at high speeds.

Boltorn™ P1000 product card banner

Perstorp AB

Boltorn™ P1000

Brand: Boltorn

Product Families: Digital Printing, Functional Additives, Intermediates

Chemical Family: Fatty Alcohols, Polyols, Dendritic Polymers

Boltorn™ P1000 is a liquid, low viscosity dendritic polyester and polyether blend. It is a precursor for UV/EB curable acrylates specifically designed for highly reactive low viscosity, monomer free acrylate formulations. Despite its high concentration of functional groups Boltorn™ P1000 offers acrylates with low shrinkage making it very suitable for UV-digital printing.

Boltorn™ P500 product card banner

Perstorp AB

Boltorn™ P500

Brand: Boltorn

Product Families: Automotive OEM Coatings, Functional Additives, Intermediates

Chemical Family: Feldspar, Polyols, Dendritic Polymers

Boltorn™ P500 has been specifically tailored to offer products with a good balance between hardness and flexibility. The acrylate of Boltorn™ P500 achieves an ideal balance between hardness, flexibility and reactivity together with a low viscosity. Acrylates of Boltorn™ P500 are particularly suitable for plastic coatings and protective hard coats. Boltorn™ P500 can also be used for polyurethane foams where it yields exceptionally low compression at high firmness when used together with graft co-polymer polyols.

Boltorn™ U3000 product card banner

Perstorp AB

Boltorn™ U3000

Brand: Boltorn

Product Families: Vehicle Refinish, Functional Additives, Surface Modifiers

Chemical Family: Dendritic Polymers

Boltorn™ U3000 is an air drying, fully fatty acid modified dendritic polymer with a high concentration of unsaturation. The branched structure of Boltorn™ U3000 provides unique flow properties, which allows woodstains and alkyd paints for outdoor applications to comply with recent VOC demands while still securing rapid drying and durability.

Boltorn™ H311 product card banner

Perstorp AB

Boltorn™ H311

Brand: Boltorn

Product Families: Other Automotive Applications, Catalysts, Initiators & Crosslinkers, Processing Aids

End Uses: Automotive Applications

Boltorn™ H311 is a dendritic polymer polyol with more than 20 terminal hydroxyl groups and a highly branched flexible backbone. This liquid polymer polyol provides exceptional compressive load-building characteristics in flexible foam at very low addition levels. It is used as an additive, partially replacing conventional cross-linkers or graft co-polymer polyols of SAN type. Contains 10 % water and is a viscous liquid at room temperature.