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Perstorp Ab Trimethylolpropane product card banner

Perstorp AB

Perstorp AB Trimethylolpropane

Applications: Industrial Coatings

Product Families: Monomers, Intermediates

Chemical Family: Ethylene Co-terpolymers

Trimethylolpropane flakes has three hydroxyl groups. It is a white material in flakes. TMP is used in saturated polyesters for coil coatings, alkyds for paints, polyurethanes for coatings and elastomers, acrylic acid esters for radiation curing, esters for synthetic lubricants, rosin esters and for surface treatment of pigments.

Boltorn™ U3000 product card banner

Perstorp AB

Boltorn™ U3000

Brand: Boltorn

Applications: Architectural Coatings

Product Families: Functional Additives

Chemical Family: Dendritic Polymers

Boltorn™ U3000 is an air drying, fully fatty acid modified dendritic polymer with a high concentration of unsaturation. The branched structure of Boltorn™ U3000 provides unique flow properties, which allows woodstains and alkyd paints for outdoor applications to comply with recent VOC demands while still securing rapid drying and durability.

Curalite™ Ox product card banner

Perstorp AB

Curalite™ Ox

Brand: Curalite

Applications: Film & Foil Coatings

Product Families: Rheology Modifiers & Stabilizers, Intermediates, Diluents

Chemical Family: Oxetanes, Fatty Acids

Curalite™Ox is a low viscosity, odor free, non-skin irritating, colorless liquid. Curalite™Ox is one of the main components of UV/EB cationic formulations as a reactive diluent. It combines increased reactivity with good diluting power of epoxy resins and increases through cure and chemical resistance of the formulation. Curalite™Ox is suitable for all types of cationic UV printing inks and overprint varnishes both for metal and plastic substrates.

Ymer™ N180 product card banner

Perstorp AB

Ymer™ N180

Brand: Ymer

Applications: Floor Coatings, Wood Coatings & Finishes, Chemical Building Blocks & Intermediates

Product Families: Monomers, Diols & Polyols

Chemical Family: Polyglycols, Polyols, Polyethylene Glycols

End Uses: Polyester Manufacturing, Chemicals Production, Surfactant Manufacturing

Ymer™ N180 is a polymeric nonionic dispersing monomer containing two primary hydroxyl groups which are incorporated in the polymer and can be used to disperse the polymer (polyurethanes, alkyds and polyesters) in water. Ymer™ N180 can help you meet your customers’ specific requirements when it comes to the properties of your polyurethane dispersions. It has been designed with a short ethoxylated chain, which makes it perfect for improving dispersibility or hardness. Ymer™ N180 with the chemical name difunctional polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether is a white/opaque liquid material.