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Brand: Pevalen

Applications: Sports & Recreation, Technical Fabrics, Other Flooring & Surface Applications

Product Families: Performance Additives, Processing Aids

End Uses: Coated Fabrics, Flooring, Automotive Interior Parts

Pevalen™ is a true non-phthalate plasticizer for flexible PVC, designed for close to consumer applications, with performance better or equal to traditional general purpose plasticizers. Pevalen™ has excellent processing properties, high plasticizing efficiency, exceptional UV resistance, low volatility and smoke and is made in a way that reduces the use of finite raw materials.

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Perstorp AB


Brand: Bis-MPA

Applications: Offset & Lithographic Printing

Product Families: Intermediates

Chemical Family: Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives

Dimethylolpropionic Acid (Bis-MPA) has one tertiary carboxylic group and two primary hydroxylic groups. It is a key raw material in polyurethane dispersion for coatings. It is also used in waterborne alkyds, polyesters and photographic chemisty.

Curalite™ Ox product card banner

Perstorp AB

Curalite™ Ox

Brand: Curalite

Applications: Film & Foil Coatings

Product Families: Rheology Modifiers & Stabilizers, Intermediates, Diluents

Chemical Family: Oxetanes, Fatty Acids

Curalite™Ox is a low viscosity, odor free, non-skin irritating, colorless liquid. Curalite™Ox is one of the main components of UV/EB cationic formulations as a reactive diluent. It combines increased reactivity with good diluting power of epoxy resins and increases through cure and chemical resistance of the formulation. Curalite™Ox is suitable for all types of cationic UV printing inks and overprint varnishes both for metal and plastic substrates.