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Applications: Other Nutrition Applications, Other Food Applications, Nutraceuticals & Supplements

Product Families: Proteins & Amino Acids, Plant Proteins, Texturizers

End Uses: Protein Powder, Protein Bar, Meat Substitutes

PURIS is the exclusive manufacturer of PURIS™ Pea protein, starches, fibers and more non-GMO ingredients from soy, pulses, lentils and other plant sources.


Organic PURIS™ Sweet Syrup

Applications: Dairy, Bakery, Functional Foods

Product Families: Sweeteners & Syrups

End Uses: Ice Cream, Nutritional Bars, Frozen Desserts

Organic PURIS™ Sweet Syrup is a clean-label alternative to tapioca and rice sweeteners. Available in a broad range of dextrose equivalents. A clean-label, USA-sourced ingredient alternative to sweeteners made from tapioca, rice, and agave. Derived from 100% organic, non-GMO whole peas, PURIS™ Sweet Syrup delivers pleasing taste with the texture binding properties you need. Available in a range of dextrose equivalents (29DE, 42DE, 60DE), customize to add subtle or intense sweetness to all categories of finished foods. The eco-conscious, sustainable sweetness choice.