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PURIS™ Pea Starch PS85-BRTE

PURIS™ Pea Starch PS85-BRTE

The ideal clean carbohydrate source. Ready-to-eat, native starch ideal for powder blends, sports and nutrition, and low-temperature process applications. Clean label and clean taste, the ideal 1:1 replacement for corn, tapioca or potato starches in finished products. Made in the USA, PURIS® Pea Starch BRTE shortens ingredient panels by limiting the need for masking agents or dyes.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits


BRTE starch allows food makers the flexibility of adding clean carbs in a ready to eat format, perfect for powders


Slow digesting, low-glycemic carbohydrate used for recovery and energy in Sports and Nutrition, and flexibility with baked good and raw doughs

How PURIS Compares
  PURIS® Pea Starch Corn Starch Tapioca Starch Potato Starch
US Grown and Made  
Organic Option      
Clean Taste and Color    
Smooth Mouthfeel  
Stable Gel Formation    
Short Texture    
Sustainably Grown and Made      


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PURIS™ Pea Starch PS85-BRTE
Technical Data Sheet
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