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GLUCIDEX® Maltodextrin IT 12 P

Sold by Roquette
Ingredient Name: Potato Maltodextrin
Function: Carrier, Encapsulant
Labeling Claims: Non-GMO
Features: Easy To Handle, Formulation Performance
Certifications & Compliance: EFISC, Halal, Kosher
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Loretta CorradoCustomer Service Expert at RoquettePlease reach out to me with any questions, I am happy to assist you in finding the right product or learning more about our storefront.
Please reach out to me with any questions, I am happy to assist you in finding the right product or learning more about our storefront.

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Identification & Functionality

Ingredient Name
Ingredient Origin
Food Ingredients Functions
Food Ingredients

GLUCIDEX® Maltodextrin IT 12 P Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Neutral flavor
Odorless white powder with neutral flavor
Physico-Chemical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Poured Bulk Densityapprox. 450g/l-
Average Particle Size (Residue On 200 Microns, Sieve)approx. 45%-
Dextrose Equivalent11 - 14--
Loss on Dryingmax. 5%-
Arsenic Contentmax. 0.2mg/kg-
Sulfur Dioxide Contentmax. 10mg/kg-
Mercury Contentmax. 0.02ppm-
Cadmium Contentmax. 0.1ppm-
Protein Contentmax. 0.15%N6.25 com. basis
Lead Contentmax. 0.5mg/kg-
Sulfated Ash Contentmax. 0.5%-
Microbiological Values
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Total Yeasts Countmax. 50CFU/g-
Enterobacteriaceaemax. 10CFU/g-
Total Moulds Countmax. 50CFU/g-
Escherichia coliNot detectedper gram-
SalmonellaNot detectedper 25g-
A.S.R. Sporesmax. 50CFU/10g-
Total Aerobic Microbial Countmax. 1000per gram-

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance
Quality Standards
  • Food Chemicals Codex Maltodextrin.
  • Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 184.1444 Maltodextrin.
  • Non Intended And Non Suitable For Dry Mix Infant Formulae Preparations.

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Information
  • ROQ Product Code: 333112
  • Article (SKU) Code: 333112114
  • Package Size & Type: 25 kg PE lined pinch bottom paper bag

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
5 years
Storage and Handling
  • Minimum durability date of the packaged product: manufacturing date + 24 years.
  • Shelf life of the packaged product: manufacturing date + 5 years.
  • We recommend to preserve the product in its unopened original packaging, preferably protected from wide variations of temperature and humidity.
  • Upon opening, use the product as quickly as possible to prevent moisture regain.
GLUCIDEX® Maltodextrin IT 12 P