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NUTRALYS® T70S Pea Protein

Markets: Other Nutrition Applications, Other Food Applications, Savory & Culinary

Technologies: Plant Proteins, Texturizers

Food Ingredients Name: Pea Protein

NUTRALYS® T70S is a textured pea protein ideal for delicious plant-based foods such as meat substitutes (meat alternatives). It exhibits very good fibrous texture, firmness and taste profile.



VITEN® Vital Wheat Gluten

Markets: Other Nutrition Applications, Clinical Nutrition, Other Food Applications

Technologies: Binders & Disintegrants

Food Ingredients Name: Wheat Gluten

VITEN® VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN is a Native wheat protein derived from wheat flour and obtained by non-chemical wet extraction. Wheat gluten: water-insoluble complex protein characterized by visco-elasticity properties when hydrated. Used in milling & baking recipe but also in pasta and breakfast cereals for the functional properties of natural strengthener by improving consistency and extending shelf life.