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Lubricants & metalworking
Customized solutions for metalworking fluids, lube additives, and base oil products.
Lubricant & metalworking products from Sasol

Sasol’s products for metalworking and lubricants offer a wide range of versatile building blocks enabling our customers the flexibility to formulate their desired finished product formulation. From corrosion inhibitors, degreasing and wetting agents to solvents, alcohols, synthetic lubricants, emulsifiers. Our products will revolutionize your ability to build unique formulations for a wide variety of metalworking and lubricant applications.

Our customers benefit from an efficient and sustainable global supply chain with Sasol’s global production facilities located in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

We are continuously innovating, offering new components and raw materials which enable our customers to revolutionize their formulations with cutting edge and versatile chemical solutions.

We utilize our sophisticated global R&D facilities and diverse product portfolio to support new developing products, creating value for our customers.

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