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Paper, Water Treatment & Oilfield Chemicals
Surfactants, intermediates, and solvents for paper, water treatment, and oilfield production.

Paper, Water Treatment & Oilfield Chemical products from Sasol

Sasol offers paper, water treatment, and oilfield chemicals solutions based on different feedstocks ranging from synthetic to natural-based resources, unique chemical process technologies, and our customer-focused approach to innovation.

Paper & Water Treatment Solutions

Sasol offers a wide range of customized solutions that address paper production formulations and other aqueous slurries. With their anti-foam properties, Sasol ingredients – including long-chain alcohols – can help reduce paper defects and improve sheet strength. Sasol materials operate at higher temperatures, and match food-grade contact requirements.

Our portfolio includes highly efficient defoamers and deaerators that support faster-running paper machines and high-quality paper production. 

Oilfield Chemicals Solutions

By incorporating Sasol’s solvents and surfactants into different stages of the drilling and completion process, oilfields operators can maximize production, reduce downtime, and benefit from lower total well costs. 

Sasol products help improve drilling and completion performance, stimulation, production, gas well deliquification, and enhanced oil recovery. They can positively impact recovery and improve flow. Sasol innovative formulation services can also help optimize tertiary oil recovery projects.

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