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Personal Care & Pharma
Safe, high-quality ingredients to achieve performance and formulation requirements.
Personal Care & Pharma products from Sasol

Sasol offers personal care and pharmaceutical solutions based on different feedstocks ranging from synthetic to natural-based resources, unique chemical process technologies, and our customer-focused approach to innovation.

Personal Care Solutions

Cosmetic and personal care products are driven by innovation. Sasol helps customers strengthen their brand with ingredients that clean, exfoliate, improve skin feel, adjust viscosity, moisturize, boost and regulate foam, protect against sweat and odor, and provide other benefits. 

Sasol’s product portfolio includes fats and oils/esters, fatty alcohols, petrolatum, paraffin waxes, paraffins, polyethylene glycols, surfactants (nonionic, anionic and compounds), Gemini compounds, dialkyl ether, synthetic waxes, alkanolamines, and self-emulsifying waxes.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Sasol has customized solutions for pharmaceutical grade certified raw materials, including 

  • Active ingredients for laxatives 
  • Excipients for topical and dermatological products

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