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CERALOX aluminas have a unique combination of purity and tailored physical properties that make CERALOX alumina excellent starting materials for a variety of applications including: sapphire crystal growth, lighting, inorganic chemical synthesis, alumina coatings, thermal spray, phosphors, polishing, and technical ceramics.

Chemical Name: Alpha Alumina

Labeling Claims: High Purity

CAS Number: 1344-28-1

Synonyms: Aluminum oxide, Alumina

Technical Data Sheet
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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Name
Chemical Analysis
Trace Impurities Chemistry (maximum concentrations, ppm)
Na 75
Si 200
Fe 200
Ca 50
Mg 75
Ga 100
Cr 25
Ni 25
Ti 100
Mn 25
Cu 25
Zn 75
Zr 25


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Applications & Uses

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Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Particle Size (D-50)0.1-0.5microns
Surface Area3-13m2 /g

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