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Chemical Name: Alcohols, C8-10, ethoxylated, sulfated, monoisopropanolamine salts
Features: Sterilization Resistance
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Technical Data Sheet
MARLINAT K23M Technical Data Sheet
MARLINAT K23M Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
MARLINAT K23M Safety Data Sheet EN-US
MARLINAT K23M Safety Data Sheet EN-US
Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
MARLINAT K23M Safety Data Sheet EN-GB
MARLINAT K23M Safety Data Sheet EN-GB
Safety Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

MARLINAT K23M Features & Benefits

Base Chemicals Features

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Clear liquid
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
pH (2 % active Substance in fully demin. water)max. 7-DIN EN 1262
Viscosity (25°C, Brookfield)approx. 400mPasDIN ISO 6388
Pour Pointmax. -33°CDIN ISO 3016
Molecular Weight570g/molcalculated
Density at 25°Capprox. 1.07g/mlDIN 51757

Regulatory & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

Additional Information
  • At + 20 °C MARLINAT K23 M is an homogeneous and pourable liquid with a newtonian viscosity behaviour.
  • The product is delivered in 1 m3 containers or in plastic drums.
  • The product does not become gel like when dissolved.


  • To extract the material, it is advisable to use reciprocating and rotating pumps. It is important that the cross-section of the pipes is large enough and that the distance to the storage tanks is not too long. Right-angled pipes should be avoided. The pipes should be insulated and heatable with water.

Packaging & Availability

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Packaging Type

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Storage & Handling

Storage and Handling

Storage Tanks

  • MARLINAT K23 M can be stored in Chromium-Nickel-Steel V2A (no. 1.4571), V4A (no. 1.4541) tanks as well as in chemical and stress stable plastic tanks with a conical or rippled base. To guarantee storage temperatures of at least + 20 °C, the tanks should be heatable. To avoid local overheating (risk of hydrolysis!it is advisable to use storage tanks equipped with a jacket heating in which warmed water (up to +30 °C, not steam) can be circulated.

  • It is furthermore advisable to slowly stir the product from time to time with a slowly running agitator) to ensure that the temperature is well-distributed. Mixers which are leaf-shaped have proven to be most effective. To avoid the incorporation of air bubbles, the product should be filled into the storage tanks through a pipe which ends just above the tank base.

Storage Information

  • MARLINAT K23 M should be stored at room temperature. Temperatures above + 30°C must be avoided, even briefly, because hydrolysis or discoloration may then occur. The shelf life is 24 months from delivery, at a storage temperature < 30 °C.